This is How You Put Yourself on a Pedestal

When was the last time you thought of yourself highly?

Out of the entire universe, you are the only person who understands your situation, fears, hopes, and intentions.

If no one else in the room, but you, dances—therefore, you are the best dancer.

Natural Remedy: Acupuncture

You’ll be better off and less dissatisfied if you celebrate your own uniqueness. At least, if you fail it’s easier to forgive yourself.

That’s how I see China these days: They are marching to the beat of their own drum and we won’t do anything about it.

When researching artificial intelligence, China is a leader in the integration of the technology in government.

Their country has adopted the use of various kinds of equipment.

A lot of their traditions still are strong even though religion is nearly banned due to communism.

In a BBC documentary that aired in 2014, alternative medicines are compared against western medicine:

Imagine getting a major surgery completely awake?
People claim to have done it on this documentary.

Its pretty much unbelievable, but they have footage of highly trained doctors administering acupuncture instead of anesthesia.

Some say it’s a 2000-year-old method for controlling pain before, during, and after surgery.

A lot of people then and now have adopted methods like acupuncture in addition to western medicine.

From herbs to praying it away.
And acupuncture and reiki.
Has anyone ever proven that they work?
Not really.
Do they pose more risks than benefits over our current medicines and medical treatments?
Well, hopefully science can help us out.


Modern Science: Bioelectricity

The more you look outside of yourself for inspiration, the more you’ll realize you are the least flawed.

Center of the Sun podcast is more than just sharing information. It’s a method of thinking for modern people.

I am just trying to build up understanding of these weird things about our humanity that make us seemingly super natural.

Sometimes, you don’t need to dive all the way into granular understandings of a topic to necessarily understand it.

For instance, the topic of acupuncture sounds nuanced, but just like social media makes it easy to find who is the funniest, most travelled, or has the most ripped abs, history can point us in the direction of the most long-lasting human behaviors.

Social proof in longevity: Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. Some say it developed in China or Tibet. Who the fuck cares?
How does it even work?

Uses tiny needles to access energetic meridians (balls of nerves) throughout the body.

Changes the way bioelectric flows.

Every cell has a charge. We know this from last season on Center of the Sun Podcast.

The doctor describes six main meridians on the upper body and six meridians on the bottom of the body.
Channels or pathways.

You don’t treat specific areas you treat the entire channel through which the energy flows.
Through the system of organs.

The most obvious application of acupuncture is in pain reduction after

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania saw a 50 percent decrease in the amount of take-home pain killer prescriptions when they used acupuncture post robotic surgeries.

The used a stricter protocol, but patients never felt the need to ask for them in the first place.

For people at risk for dependence, special cocktails were used and Researchers never saw opioid dependence worsen.

So does acupuncture work?

Well, in this case there seems to be some benefit. When you mention alternative medicines to people, its hard for them to wrap their mind around the science.

That’s ok when you have real stories. That’s why you use your mind.

Its filled with all kinds of memoires and random shit you learned throughout your life.
Your mind is the tool that helps you survive. Its also the tool that can help you evolve as a supreme being.


Human Potential: Microsoft bionic sh*t

We are skipping robots because they are too hard

We can use advanced computers to enhance our human abilities. Why are we trying to create something from scratch?

God gave us a Ferrari body.

Microsoft can record the bioelectricity in your brain using an MRI machine.

The same electricity that is affected by those acupuncture needles.

Your brain data obviously moves in patterns. So a computer can create a matrix of your brain data.

That matrix of data is used to create an image of your thoughts. Printed to photographs.


A person that fell asleep in the MRI machines could control certain aspects of the dream and image displayed on the computer.

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