Authentic Expression Kills Anxiety

At a glance

  1. There are frequencies outside of the understanding of modern science called Life Force, Vital Force, or Subtle Energy.
  2. These "biological" frequencies can be sensed by cameras, telescopes, and other probes.
  3. By creating coherence between these frequencies, you create harmony within your body, then you send that harmony (or disharmony) to your environment.

You want the cycles of debilitating anxiety to end.

Not just for you, but for the millions of people across this world trying to push their feelings down—and just move on.

It’s a skill you’ve acquired. Personally, I think it’s you power. Nevertheless, you’ve been having a terrible 7 days, and you just want someone to acknowledge how hard it can be.

Being a warrior is not your vibe either. That’s why you keep that shit on a screen, securely sitting on the top of a cloud. Speaking of which, where is the nearest cloud you can lounge on?

Those mythical babies on the ceiling of cathedrals in Italy might hold your secrets to a more chill and productive outcome of your life. There are only so many ways you can reroute your thoughts to reverse the terrible things you say to yourself.

Anxiety comes like waves crashing on the sides of the Titanic. Threatening your entire safety.

Or it’s like the trunk of an elephant sick of your shit--and your stupid friends taking pictures—as you continue to ignore his feelings. Anxiety and the attacks are large, loud, and angry.

With the information I am sharing with you today, I am going to synthesize ancient wisdom with modern science. You want to reduce the doom-prophesies swirling around your head like pink and blue cotton candy at the county fair.

Ultimately, those thoughts make your head and your stomach hurt. Thoughts like, “Boooooo that could go wrong”, or “hahahah you will fail” are met with good tactics you learned from your therapist.
Yet, every day, you have to fight with yourself just to face it. You don’t know how you do it.

Forcing yourself seems like a good way to expend your energy for meaningful activities, like living.

So, when you are done with all the self-talk reassuring you its OK to leave the seclusion of your apartment, head to work, get there, and check your voicemails, you are overwhelmed and the process starts all over again.

Like I said earlier, millions of people deal with these same feelings.

You want to occupy your mind with information that helps you be more social.

You want those social interactions—not—to end with awkward silence. Then, you want those people to be your friends.
You know how dope you are and by the time you get done listening today, you will have vital information that makes it easier to let the world know not to fuck with you anymore.

In other words, the title of this episode is call authentic expression.

I am your host D’Vaughn. Thank you for listening.

By visiting the link in the description, it becomes 1000 times easier to unlock secrets on navigating this thing called life. If you continue listening any further, the principles you learn today will start you on the shortest path to stop working that dead-end job.

Yes, pay off student loans sooner. Make your husband happy by being able to afford a night on the town. Then, get a continual flow of bags.

Your family will basically think you are drug dealer by becoming who you are meant to be without begging your mama for something every time you turn around.

That’s why you are so shy but you freaky as fuck. You are up on twitter all day trying to stay saved by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. How is that working out for you?
Well, over here at I am lucky to be a part of some cool and deep forums that cater to my intense need to understand the true nature of our reality.

Well basically, it’s evidenced based conspiracy theories, but I am getting my entire life.

I am going to cite my source as best as possible in the blog post for this episode at, but I will do the heavy research. You’re welcome.
It seems like all this research stopped around 1997, I am not even entirely sure that I know why. Well, by covering up data that supports the fact that what you believe, how you think, and what you do every day has the biggest impact on your life and environment.

Anxiety is an imbalance of that natural motivation to get up and do something…anything.

Your desires get all jumbled up with the desires and expectations you sense form your environment.

It’s hard to decipher what is a healthy thought and bad one. No one knows how you’re feeling.

No one knows the depth of your pain. Sometimes, occupying your mind is the only thing that keeps you at bay.

One day you might be able to donate your weighted blanket to someone that needs it more. After today, you won’t wish the week was over. You’ll start wishing for more time with your family.

You won’t have to continue trying to be positive. You will walk with a purpose and be highest self.

When I am done sharing with you this exciting new and old science, your horrible anxiety will start dissolving.
You won’t be forced to work from home anymore. You will be able to stop biting your nails in the middle of night—thinking about the day you haven’t even started.

Oh did I mention that you’ll save money because you will no longer have to replace your tennis shoes as often? After today you’ll stop walking three extra blocks to avoid that friendly cashier at the deli.

Don’t get me wrong. Today’s episode is packed with foundational information to stop the panic, worrying, and compulsion to put your beautiful soul down.

Before we get to the mind hack, you should understand the data that drives it.

Defining Scientific Models

You know back when America’s Next Top Model aired on the CW? Women from all over the country would submit their videos and photos to Tyra Banks.

Like any contest you disagreed completely with some of her choices for winners:

  • Whitney who proclaimed that her best friend was black—she won cycle 10.
  • Even though the Laura James cycle sucked majorly, she skated by because of the weird way they tried to make social media a thing.
  • Or on cycle 14, with the best international destination, I would have never thought Krista would win that cycle.

The one thing you did agree about these models is that they deserved to be there. They had all the right bones, limbs, and courage to go out there and make their mark.

Sidenote: Ironically it took other iterations of their modeling career to be on top. Sometimes, the contest was simply the catalyst.
On any level of science or fashion, that is exactly how you define a model. A framework of ideas and guesses that get you steps closer to your answer.

Models are not truth, but they can give you an idea of how those pants (or feelings) will fit under normal circumstances.

In Tyra’s case, who could be the most effective representative of fashion brands? In the case of your never-ending anxiety, what model can help you balance shyness with freakiness?

Today, I am going to ask you pay close attention to the Theoretical Model of Substance defined by a doctor named William Tiller.

Basically, he states that traditional notions of atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons—in addition to how you interact with that confusing part of our reality—has been called into question.

So much so, that science is shifting to ideas that account for forces that are not currently defined by physics.
This alternative model of how the world works will give you concrete evidence of how to stop panicking every day.

The first thing Tiller discovered all the way back in the 60s was that there are more forces in nature than the one’s we learned about in school like, gravity, electromagnetic, and nuclear forces, etc.

By putting plants on a machine that could monitor a human heart, Tiller discovered that outside of the forces I just named, plants still give out energy.

He was not able to really dive deep because of the government trying to ensure that this information was hidden to future generations. He compared the energy of those plants with humans that have the ability to heal with with their hands.

Guess what? You possess the same force that keeps all other life forms moving and evolving.

Tiller used all kinds of instruments like telescopes, cameras, and scopes to see what this energy looks like.

The evidence is there and by listening to this podcast, I can assure you that I checked my sources.
Even in the middle of the desert or under controlled conditions of a lab, there are natural forces that we don’t understand.

Tiller electrocuted so many plants because he was intrigued by the results. He put probe on leaves, then the leaves stop cooperating.

He used a living tree in the middle of the desert and found that he can still sense the energy of that plant. In the middle of the desert in the 1960s, there was not electricity or interference.

He even accidentally pointed his devices to the sky and found the same life force emanating from the stars.

By measuring plants and humans in an alternative model of science, Tiller didn’t find new answers. He found new problems that he had to solve.

The first thing he found was that plants self-manage their energy. It didn’t matter what he did to plants, they always found a way to be annoyed by his probes.

When he looked at conscious humans, he found that when those people directed their energy, then received a shock to their system, he was able to measure electricity and life force in separate parts of the body.

Heat was created by the humans that thought about something intensely like healing cancer.

Now, it’s not clear if this was possible back then, but Tiller asserts, more data should be gathered.

It’s like when you start ruminating and can’t stop. The anxiety keeps building up inside of you, so you normally start biting your nails or smoking cigarettes.

What he also discovered is that though some people are naturally better at directing their life force, it is possible to develop the ability to control your life force.

Finally, this all made possible by an intelligent design of the universe. Underneath the hood of everything we call reality, is a structure. Another dimension where space and time do not exist.

Yes, you can take Albert Einstein’s dick out of your mouth now. He was never the smartest man in the room.

I don’t know where you got that from. Well, yeah his legacy has been drilled into us because the leaders of our society chose to go that route. Just like Christianity and Democracy.

We live under a set of rules that are counter-intuitive to the basic structure of the rest of the Universe. At the beginning of the show, I promised you miracles.

Here’s the first one: Once we decide to change the rules, our reality becomes limitless.

You are supreme being. Therefore, and with good evidence, you are not contained in this physical reality.

Outside of daily life, you have full control. Once you realize you have been—literally lied to by a cult of scientists—you priorities should shift.

You cannot unknow. You cannot renege on this information. It may not be today, but one day this information will click with something you have always known.
Moving along, these forces that will require further investigation seem to fall outside the laws of nature. Also called Chakras, you can think of yourself as transparent slices of energy.

The conflict to between those forces make up your body. Each Chakra is regarded by Tiller to operate with “entirely different laws and they have unique characteristics.”

This means, the bodies that I continue to talk about can measured by simple instruments. Acupuncture is an ancient art of energy healing that has made its way into cancer treatments.

Beyond this Theoretical Model of Substance, is what we call God. Even though your Chakras don’t clang together like a windchime during a thunderstorm, there is a measurable interaction between them.

Harmony is the most important when trying to effect your chakras. There’s not just one thing you can do. You have to put all of your energy in achieving balance.

Through your mind you create the patterns of thought that create balance or imbalance. You know this because you can soothe your own anxiety.

It fucking sucks, but you do it everyday. Through the forces that are inside your body, and now that you know that they exist, you can create new patterns of thought.

You can rest assured that with enough practice, those patterns will begin acting like a force field. That life force field will begin swirling around you, your environment, and other people.

This is the miracle of your body. It all starts within the mind. By starting on the mental plane every time, you can start putting all these forces on one note.
You have access to the non-physical realm. There is no amount of electricity or interference that can take that away, either.
The radiation emanating from every cell in your body will change the environment around you. Tiller suggested in his years of research that you should start with the mental and physical energy in the body.

Through meditation and intense thinking, you must force yourself to think and feel one thing.

Every time your mind wanders, I want you to consciously snap your thoughts back to where they need to be.

For instance, if the all the light in a lightbulb was focused to one point, that energy would be greater than the energy currently sitting on the surface of the sun.
Anxiety is an imbalance because you were not aware that you have so much control. I call this attunement and I practice using binaural music on Youtube.

When witches talk about manifesting your power, they are not shooting smoke up your ass. That shit is real, but the first thing you must do is learn. Once you learn, you can draw your own conclusions.

After that, you see that at a base level you are charged up light a Christmas tree. Its up to hang the lights. It’s up to you to decorate that tree.

You deserve beauty and a long life…just like an evergreen. Bitch you are an evergreen and then some. Send your emails to

Thank you for listening!


  3. William A. Tiller. “Energy Fields and Human Body, Part II”. Journal of Borderland Research, 2004, pp. 56-64.
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