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I truly believe that I will be a billionaire one day. For some reason. I am seeing all these terrible rich people be exposed by truth. It makes me happy not because they are being summoned to court (r. Kelley), but because they are moving out of the way so that normal people like us can be successful.
That is our purpose in life.
We are not here to mosey around and waste time. We are faced with a limited duration and we are smart enough to figure out how we can all be whole.

How to start becoming balanced and whole?

  1. Focus on purifying the bodies in which energy centers reside
  • Do not focus on awakening or affecting a certain center. They need alignment more so.
  • This is why Beyoncé keeps telling you to be vegan and do yoga. It doesn’t matter what your energy is if your bodies are fucked up.
  • You must be obsessed with taking care of yourself.
  • No one’s path is wrong if you are healthy in all aspects
  • Your consciousness is your throne and kingdom
  1. Seek the light emanating from your own soul. Your soul is your master and one must attend to the immediate needs of your soul.
  • No one else is your master. Don’t waste time looking for an external master.
  • Do not intend to cultivate psychic powers, instead we must understand what we do see and hear.
  • Unlike other animals who have similar power
  1. Keep Spirituality diary to record:
  • Any spiritual experience
    i. Presence
    ii. Soul (master)
    iii. Non-scientific
  • Any illumination or rapid intuitive response or revelation
    i. Wisdom of the soul
  • Any telepathic experiences
    i. Checked for accuracy
    ii. Fosters a spirit of truth
  • Any phenomena of the spiritual or mystical kind
    i. Seeing the light in the head
    ii. Note brilliance or dimming
    iii. Informed voice of the soul, but not the subconscious
  • Any other unexplained psychic phenomenon
    i. Whether pleasant or unpleasant

Increased sensitivity is an indication of spiritual growth. One day you will function as your soul.

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