Chrissy Teigen Uses Her Celebrity To Bully Women On Social Media

Last week, Teigen played victim on Twitter.

This followed years of her being the aggressor who directed verbal abuse towards countless numbers of strangers.

Alison Roman, a cookbook author, became the survivor of a recent Chrissy attack after an interview with website called New Consumer.
Roman offered a charming look into her creative process.
She stated,

“If I had maxed out [Instagram followers] today, that would be fine. If I maxed out last year, that would have been fine, too.

That’s never been my objective. It’s never been my goal. I have never done anything to try to amass followers. It’s happening organically.

I’m sure if I were smarter I would have, at this point, hired a business person to develop a strategy so that I could take all that I have and translate it into money, because I’ve never made less money in my entire life than during this pandemic.

And I’ve never been more popular. So, what does that tell you?”.


Roman did not offer any criticism of Teigen at all. What she did was try to explain her creative process to someone who wanted to understand it from her perspective.

Roman went on to say that,

“I think people would be fucking shocked at how little — There’s no formula. There’s no strategy. There’s no, like, “gotta have this, gotta have that.”


“As much as I just said I like to be well-rounded — I haven’t done a salmon recipe in three months, that feels good to me.” But I’m not, “well, it’s gotta have this, and gotta have crunch, gotta have an herb.” No.

What sounds good to me, and how do I stay fresh and not fall back on flavor profiles that I’m really accustomed to?”


This is how I know no one read this article. If you read for understanding and context, you would understand that her passion is food. Not attention. Not money. Not a bigger house. Not a faster car. Fucking food.

“I feel like I can’t ever write about anchovies again, because people just think that’s all I care about.

Which is funny, because of all the thousands of recipes that I’ve published, a very small percentage of them use anchovies.


And like, shallots, I’ve used shallots, like, three times — what?

But if you become popular for something, they’re like, “Oh, you’re anchovy girl,” and I’m like, fine, I’ll be the anchovy girl. I don’t care. I’m happy to wear that crown.”


She goes on to describe her future plans about a TV show that had been postponed by the Global Pandemic. She said that she would love to have a branded site, but that is too many strangers and too much risk.

Roman said,

“I have everything that I need. I have a wonderful apartment that I love so much. I don’t have any student debt — I don’t have any debt. I am just myself. I don’t have a mortgage. I don’t have kids. I’m very free.”


She also says,

“I would love to buy a house upstate[…] Does that ruin the brand if I have a studio that’s somehow nicer than where I live?[…] So, I’m at a crossroads and I’m not really sure how to grow.

But it is something that I’m thinking about a lot. And I have a manager — she does my entertainment stuff — and that’s something that I’ve been talking about with her.


But I have to take the time to map out what it is that I want and what that looks like financially for me, from other people, etc”

If Chrissy would have done her homework, she would have figured out that Alison was comparing business models, not the character of the actual business person.

In my perspective, Alison Roman is a minimalist. Chrissy is….no comment.

What was Chrissy Teigen’s deal? Well, she went to social media to whine about the way she was briefly mentioned in the article she failed to read.

Chrissy went on the mention those shows Alison was talking about, too. Those are probably cancelled.

I figured that because Alison has been begging for forgiveness all weekend.
This is how I know Chrissy Teigen’s character is not very…upstanding.


The pettiness jumped out, but Twitter was swift with the receipts.
Chrissy Teigen was quickly forced to make her Twitter with over 2 million followers, private.

How does that work? Well, I don’t know.
But why did she do that. It’s quite simple.

Chrissy Teigen has been actually an asshole on social media for years.
She doesn’t like when people mention her in a seemingly negative context. Chrissy has invested a significant amount of her energy into several rumors about little black girls.


John obviously is perpetuating insecurity in their home, because why????
She spares no expense for black people, so Black twitter spared none for her because the internet is accessible to us 24/7 thanks to the countless satellites floating around space right now.


Around World War II, the US government began to seriously look at the possibility of understanding how to launch satellites into space.

They did this for the purpose of understanding how the Universe works.

Scientists back then didn’t just want to see the planets that are in our solar system, but also galaxies and far away objects that we could never see looking up at the sky.


In 1990, scientists launched the Hubble Space Telescope.

This represented a time that shifted the human consciousness because we learned that the Milky Way was only a drop in the cosmos.

Since then, we have been confused with theory after theory about how we fit into this picture.


Did God create everything, or did we evolve out of chaos? We are constantly presented with questions we have no answer to.

Frankly, I feel like the analysis of order and chaos was meant to keep us fighting for what is actually true.

Now, we think of science as truth. We can measure and see things we never thought were possible.

Over the past century, and because we have more data—we have evolved our thinking.

Astronomy and physics are no longer magical theories created by bored Europeans.

For some odd reason we have built our reality on the promises of being able to see another living planet, the birth of star, or the death of super nova.


I know that I am astonished by the how the universe is told to work. We don’t really have a frame of reference, so how do you know what is true without seeing it yourself?

Well, that where we lean on our leaders.

For some reason, we have been told that we live on a blue dot in a sea on black space.


Nonetheless elegant, we are taught in school that we basically live on a water-logged prison so big that we will never escape.

Well, we are told that you will escape in death, if you are good. Hell, if you are bad, but you may be able to see a better afterlife.

We live in a system of constant sin and grace (from The Man above).


We live in a system of duality. Everything is either this or that. Black or white, up or down.

Gay or straight. Good or bad.

One of the most confusing things about living life on planet earth is the fact that we are consciously experiencing all of it.


Ancient people would have never thought that we would have the world’s entire database of shared information in our pockets.

They would have never imagined that Chrissy Teigen would find a way to center herself by not reading the last three paragraphs of a very long and engaging article about the struggle of working as an internet content creator.

We barely have a grasp on our purpose, too.

We are so ignorant of life outside of our homes, work, and relationships, that we forgot that have accepted ideas that may not even be true.

We have allowed scientists to teach us that this universe and all the living things in it are just cogs in the machine.


Everything is a hierarchy and we are on the bottom.

To escape, we have to move all the way to Mars, because there is no more hope for us here.

This is not the first-time people on this side of the world have admitted defeat.


We used to think that the Universe was a living being.

I feel like it is in the nature of humans to find the path of least resistance.

So, naturally, we have found religions and pseudo-religions (like some areas of science) to help us understand what that would look like.

But I think we failed to follow-through. We got too comfortable that we have entire genres of movies and TV based on unsubstantiated data.

We have built an entire reality on the notion that we are just here for the ride. No control.

No hope. No purpose.


Like I have discussed in the past, we are being influenced by several unknown forces. Scientists have been able to manipulate those forces by breaking the magnetic bonds between atoms of certain gases.

This has all lead us to believe that not only do we have hope, we are active participants in creating this reality.


Those magnetic bonds that create steam when they break, are the same bonds that are holding your body’s form right now.

You have the ability to move and manipulate energy between your atoms, without putting yourself through a nuclear reactor.

So, how do you do this? Well it takes practice.

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