Collective Consciousness Part 1


Even on the hottest days of the year, you can see men at the butt crack of dawn begging for your attention.

Its unlike social media—which is basically a highlight reel of everyone’s life. The internet is largely inauthentic, and sometimes downright a lie.

That’s why when you go outside to get coffee, you are stunned by the amount of suffering people endure on a daily basis.

Suffering that is largely acceptable to the people experiencing it. Well, acceptable under certain drunk conditions.
After three declines to finance strangers’ morning turn-up sessions, in this or in any situation, you no longer feel that rising heat of anger bubbling up in your guts anymore.

You have boundaries, so you don’t feel bad for saying no. Your heart is challenged, but stronger than it was before.

Immediate feelings of diarrhea, after being exposed to so many people suffering right outside your door, is beginning to be less of your burden on your emotions.

“Just saying no” wouldn’t suffice anyway. So you largely ignore such requests.
You mainly must eat your feelings like a piece of dry toast. So, you delete snapchat and Instagram because your only true friends are Team Snapchat or Mark Zuckerberg.

But today is different. You tried. You focused and saw a man sitting on the ground. Nursing beer wrapped, swaddling, in a brown paper.

Beyond that man’s slurred speech, angry response, and dingy red eyes, you tried to see the soul. But that soul belonged to a child. A child stuck in time.

So, you can’t look away from misery. You want to engage the sadness. You want to extend the best parts of you, just like every spiritual leader in history taught you.

You want to help. You can’t always tap into your introvert gene by reading or painting alone in your apartment. People need you sometimes.

You know that 99.9% of people don’t consistently read or even value the act of doing so. As a result, most people almost never have anything to offer you outside of preloaded notions of white supremacy.

You also know our society never built a ritual around healthy habits or hobbies—outside of watching Love and Hip Hop or Big Brother.

As a result, you feel lonely and you are tired of feeling lonely. Every night you sleep cuddling with a pillow or teddy bear because you crave physical affection.
Nothing beats having a real person there. With all the sweat, snores, and stank breath to remind you that you are still a human.

You are part of something way bigger, as Beyoncé would add. Its bigger than your bible or your round TV sized pillow you’ve had since you were a baby.

You’ll probably die holding onto that tattered stuffed animal, but it should serve as a reminder that you have emotions flowing through every part of your body, every minute, of every day.

And the moment those emotions stop. You are no longer here.

You can’t fuck that stuffed animal either, so it’s important that you manage your ‘particular’ frustrations. You have built a lifetime of coping skills because you know deep down that being a human is some kind of advantage over other creatures.

My name is D’Vaughn and you are listening to Center of the Sun Podcast. This is Part 1 of a series of episodes that will,

  1. Help you understand the meaning of the Holographic Theory of Existence.
  2. Recognize patterns of social condition manipulation in Nature and Humans.
  3. Begin building worlds you want to see.
    When you visit the link in the description of this podcast, it will become 1000 times easier to unlock secrets on navigating this thing called life. The principles you learn today will start you on the shortest path to stop working your dead-end job.

Yes, you can pay off student debt sooner. Or make your husband happy by being able to afford more nights out on the town. Then, get a continual flow of bags. Your family will think you are hiding out because you don’t need them anymore.

As much as connecting with other humans is important, don’t lose sight on the very real fact. If you cannot take care of yourself, how can you take care of someone else?](

Well, with the information I am going to share with you today, you emotions can no longer be hijacked.

As I have spoken about numerous times before, I am affiliated with Though there are conscious dietary supplements and gifts that can be purchased, the best use of my affiliation has been doing research of the Esoteric Energy System.
That unknown and underdeveloped part of you that is constantly being challenged by several external factors. All of this is happening is subtle ways so, I am going to put a spotlight on guess who? Satan!

Well, not actually. But your imagination is simply being hijacked by ideas that are based in fear and population control. The founder of Secret Energy, Sevan Bomar, has spent a lifetime committed to understanding and disseminating nearly lost ancient knowledge about how our minds work.

And because I am a researcher, I have also found several other independent sources that echo this trend in enlightening the masses of how you are being corrupted.

I have access to all kinds of academic journals and data to validate the claims that I uncover. Today, you’re going to learn about something a little less evidence based, but based in truth nonetheless.
Here’s the bottom line: You are discouraged from exploring your true unique self.

The last you saw a movie is the best metaphor for how we think as human beings. When we experience something, instead of strings of words flowing through our mind, there is one big movie playing in your head.

When I say that your imagination is being hijacked, what I mean is the thought process you have been taught, was hijacked since the day you were boren.

On a YouTube video Sevan presented a few weeks ago, he compares social conditioning to the literal making of films. He suggests that certain humans know how to manipulate your emotions because you have already been conditioned to think a certain preloaded way when you were born.

You emotions are constantly being manipulated through media. I am not saying this bad, but it is happening on an industrial scale. That is magic at work. Affecting the imaginations of creatures without their knowledge or consent.
Sevan explains in several hours how certain words or aspects of language must be present for these magic spells to work at such scale.

You can find evidence of this manipulation in nature too. That’s why you are going to learn about the origins of the words Satan and Lucifer.

Certain aspects of language must exist for social conditioning to work. Those aspects of language like certain sounds and alliterations must be present, but they do not have to be understood.

If you open Google right now and search for “Ancient statue of Venus” you will find that early depictions of the Goddess Venus represented a pregnant woman. Back then, this goddess was the symbol of life and abundance.

Later ancient people took the symbol of Venus, reimagined her as a much skinner white woman bursting out of a clam shell.
Certain scholars attribute this change in imagery to beliefs that Venus to be so fertile that she could have sex with any being—and procreate. She was dubbed the Mother of Monsters because her children were rumored to be as big as planets.

Ancient stories suggest that Earth is one of those early children and so are the other planets.

By the time the Romans took over these symbols, they covered her face and destroyed her arms. When the Moors took power after them, they took the entire story of Venus, renamed her, and turned her into a genderless angel.

She was depicted as an angel because the Moors believed that she was the carrier of light. That ‘dark light’ is what we refer to as DNA. The Moors conquered Spain. In Spanish, Luz means light. Lucifer means carrier of light.
The original meaning of these ancient stories were testaments of the only source of unbroken knowledge, Nature. Everything that exists in Nature, exists in our bodies. We are carriers of light like fiber optic cable.

Light can be encoded with data. Don’t ask me how, but DNA is proof of that in nature. Endangered species are not a joke. Humans are beginning to corrupt this unbroken transfer of light.

If the original meaning of Lucifer is opposite of what we believe today, then what about the word Satan?

That is why we are going to have to break this series into several parts. You entire language has been turned upside down because those words like Satan, YHVH, Jesus, and Lucifer make impacts on your mind.

You just don’t know how deep the impact his. Well, to combat this I always suggest reminding you that you are supreme being that cannot be contained in this physical reality.
To combat the social conditioning that you have endured is nearly impossible. Like I said earlier, these ideas may be embedded in the very forms of media we consume daily.

The good thing about being a supreme being is that you are not actually the amalgamation of your experiences. You are not the total sum of your memories. You are the observer.

At the top of the show, I mentioned the sad truth that most people do not value reading or learning. Well, that’s because most people rely on a patchwork of personalities they encounter on a daily basis.

You are so committed to being liked by your peers, that you forget whether you even like yourself. You say you are tired of being lonely, but you forget that you are not actually alone.
You are more than someone’s boss or mother. You are not to be given aways like an object in marriage. Look, don’t get me wrong. The ego is your greatest survival tool.

Your most visible self is subjective to how others see you. I just want to you to understand that anything can be an addiction. Even the approval of others.

To combat peer pressure, focuses on being perception free. That means being who you would like others to see through adapting your personality to fit the situation.

You are able to construct a self that you dream exists. Every day that you wake up, you are different. Literally, spiritually, and figuratively. It is your job to wake up every day and find out why you are unique to this planet.
You are allowed to have an Ego because it is simply joy free floating in your body. Even though you can go through extremes managing your ego, you are in a relationship with your emotions.

That’s why I keep telling you to strive for equilibrium in your body. There is not a one size fits all approach. You must serve yourself first.

I am not talking about abandoning humility. “Humility is not thinking less of yourself. It means that you think of yourself less.”
By focusing on what is necessary for you to be happy and healthy, you can start extending that same wisdom to people asking you for money on the street.

As long as you are the center of your own sun, you don’t need to be the center of attention in society. Make society and service to others the center of your attention. Practice carrying you light. Use your power for good.

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