I agree, don't impeach Trump

Activate Your Greatness

Sometimes, what's good for everyone is good for the individual.  Anything distracting voters from installing a proper government should be minimized.

Impeaching the President of United States will do nothing more than engulf our country in more bullsh*t.  We've seen this song and dance before (well, I have been paying attention...how about you?)

House Speaker of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, is right.  It would be an incredible waste of time, especially when the President's former lawyer, Michael Cohen admitted that white guys across the country are 'really mad'.

Cohen's claim that Trump will not be removed from office peacefully is the only dog whistle I need to hear.  Let the man finish his term.  Mike Pence is actually worse...anyway.

Am I missing something?  Please let me know ASAP.

Sincerely, D'Vaughn

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