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You have to evolve because that is how the world works.  

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This is How You Prevent 30 Years at A Dead-End Job

Thinking about retirement 30 years before its time is the only way to avoid hating yourself when it’s all over.

Is a job even worth pursuing if you hate going there every day?

Are you asking God to open a new door? Your grandparents seemed to miss the part about crippling depression—and even though they worked with their hands.

There’s something about the digital and sitting that has raised our blood pressure at the tender age of 24.

You have witnessed several people lament the end of their job.

They didn’t express displeasure because they didn’t want to stop, they were pissed that their efforts amounted to nearly nothing.

At the end of 10 years, yes, you are supposed to have more than 100,000 followers on YouTube.

At the end of 30 years, yes, you should be healthy enough to take care of 2 school aged children.

At the end of a marriage, yes, you should be excited to start again.

At the end of a song, yes, you should be excited to carry on.

For some reason, people are sharing their experiences, but are not willing to examine the root causes of their complaints.

The root cause is that you are not finding that unique thing about you.

What excites you? Your emotions are the key to understanding and healing yourself.

Find your own rituals.

How do you do that?

Record yourself stating affirmations.

Its seems far-fetched, but you change your subconscious by changing your thoughts.

You must physically change the way you think and listening to yourself is the only way.

  1. Find your favorite affirmations. Louise Hay is my fave. I have her Power Thought Cards on my desk.
  1. Use a voice recorder on your phone or computer. Play some music in the background to make it less weird. Or silence is OK too.

  2. Affirm the fuck out of yourself eveyday in the shower or car.

  3. Make a ritual of it.

  4. Report back.

Finally, I want to share my opinion on Homeopathy:

**Regardless of the validatity of the data, it is in the human’s best intersest to understand how ancient wisdom informs modern science. **

By dismissing it entirely, when there’s clearly evidence (and government institutions) supporting at least some value added over not studying it.

Since there is not enough evidence, scientists are creating new technologies like organs-on-chip that have the ability to model biological organs.

By doing this, animals and humans don’t have to be put at risk during the initial phases of a clinical study.

Also, when clinical studies are analyzed to see whether or not it works, the ritual of homeopathy is at least as good as placebo effect.

“A placebo effect is a psychobiological phenomenon that actively involves the brain, underlying an anticipation of clinical benefit (Benedetti, 2014), whereas when referring to the overall benefit de‐ rived from a placebo treatment we must refer to it as the result of “placebo effects” since they are many”

“However, we can deduct a simple but meaningful logical conse‐ quence from the upon reported results and make a hypothesis: if homoe‐ opathy efficacy is at least comparable to placebo (Table 1), and if placebo treatments can be effective for some health conditions (Table 2), then homoeopathy as a whole intervention may be considered as a placebo treatment. Obviously, this last point needs to be experimentally tested”

What are your thoughts? email them host@centersun21.com

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