The Sneaky Poison: Glyphosate in Food

Before harvest, farmers spray crops with an herbicide containing the chemical compound, glyphosate. In food, this chemical is poisonous because it kills the good bacteria that live inside of you.

At a glance:

  1. What is glyphosate?

Glyphosate protects crops across the world, but studies show it also kills the good bacteria in our bodies. New research suggests that killing your good bacteria over a long period of time causes cancer.

  1. How is glyphosate hiding in food?

*Research found that glyphosate sticks to husks in plants, and collagen in animals. This chemical helps keep the cost of farming low, but it is never rinsed-off crops. *

  1. How do you decrease this chemical in your food?

Wash fruits and vegetables 100% of the time. Eat local, whole, and balanced food. When purchasing from a grocery store, organic food is free from glyphosate.

Your anxiety is through the roof because you worry about early death.
Early death means that something in your house, workplace, car, or city kills you before your time.

Smoking tobacco, eating rich chocolate Hostess cakes for breakfast, and visiting the Dominican Republic are risks you are willing to take because they feel good.
You can feel good because you are a supreme being.

Therefore, you cannot be contained in this physical reality.
Being a conscious and supreme being means that you can seek joy and find it in any way you please.
There is nothing that can truly hurt you. Even death has no power over you.

Your body is resilient and it’s a pleasure to be a human. That fact does not erase the fear that you do not have enough time on this planet.

Even though this physical reality cannot hold you technically, you still want to make the best of the time you do have. You have family and friends waiting to hear your voice every day.

You get cussed out when you are not where you said you would be. Your manager at work is looking for you because your area is not covered.

You scramble to make sure you do the best work possible. So, what else is there to do?

Well, that’s easy because self-care is the best care, honestly. You likely choose to eat healthy—most of the time.

It’s easy for you to keep reusable grocery bags in your car just in case you drive by a farmers market on Wednesday night after work.

You have one of those weird cycling foot rests under your desk; you sit on a ball instead of a chair.

You look stupid, but you do not care because you are Gucci and you are going to live to a healthy 110 years old. You are going to do this without any problems staying independent, too.
Even your retirement savings will last because you are smart, as fuck. You work every day to protect your brain by making sure you get all the healthy fats and no processed sugar.

You drink alkaline water and eat granola for breakfast—for God’s sake!
You limit yourself when all your friends are getting wasted on Saturday night at the club.

You may go out high on marijuana, but you know the truth: drinking alcohol hurts your healthy gut. You buy supplements like probiotics and Shilijit because a handsome man, named Sevan, told you it was extracted from the sides of mountains.

You are doing all the right things because you know how the human body works. Ancient people have been right all along.

Modern scientists have even echoed what the ancients knew: eat as close to the Earth as possible. You need the dirt. You need the water. You need the bacteria to stay healthy.

Modern factory farming is killing the planet, so you have been doing very well eating local and organic. Every now and then, you splurge on the limited edition Oreos and bright boxes of cereal with tigers and birds splashed across the front.
Treating yourself is perfectly OK because you know that balance is key. If you don’t smoke too much, you will probably be fine.

If you eat meat sometimes, then fruits and veggies most other times, you will live long, even with little health problems. Practicing self-care even leaves room for skipping a work-out because rest is vital to your brain’s health.

There is a threshold of how much damage you can cause your body. I am your host D’Vaughn and you are listening to Center of the Sun Podcast.

Let’s review last week:

You were invited to explore new research that proves the best way to detox. Fasting, or diets that mimic the process, forces the body to detoxify and clean-up its cells in a short period of time.

This process, called autophagy, breaks-down and recycles the unused proteins from food, viruses, and bacteria. You learned that when you do nothing, the body naturally achieves homeostasis.
All illnesses are caused by an imbalance in the body. Multiple factors out of your control can cause your early death. You prevent early death by giving your body the chance to heal itself.

What is Glyphosate?
Glyphosate is a herbicide that is applied to crops like wheat to keep the cost of farming as low as possible. The company that created this chemical swears that it is not harmful to humans.

According to the New York Health Department, this herbicide is safe for humans when used correctly. Just because a chemical is toxic, that does not mean it will kill you.

For example, Cocaine is toxic to the human body at a certain level. A chemical is toxic because it stops cell function.

Cocaine in high enough doses can stop your cells from functioning, but the heart attack caused by cocaine overdose, will stop cell function first.

Just because a chemical like cocaine is low-toxicity in humans, does not mean it is safe in the long term. A toxic chemical that kills you slowly over time, is considered poison.
Glyphosate has this same problem. Because glyphosate is laced in your food, you must pay close attention to avoid it.

Where is glyphosate hiding in your food?

Bayer, a pharmaceutical company, invented glyphosate and named it Round-up in 1974. Because Round-up has the ability to kill all weeds, it became the gold-standard for farmers because it kept crops healthy and costs low.

Round-up is still widely used by farmers despite U.S. Justice Department has settled several lawsuits related to claims that it knowingly caused cancer and death multiple times. The company sticks to the lie that they did everything in their power to warn the public.

Consumers for years were warned by environmental regulators that even though this chemical is considered safe for humans, it is always best to wash your produce before eating it. Common sense, right?

You do a great job with this information, but what about grains?

In the International Journal of Food Science and Technology, a study was conducted to see how much glyphosate was in baking flour. You cannot wash your flour before you bake a cake.
Because the original indication for glyphosate was to be used as a broad-spectrum antibiotic, scientists decided to simply measure how much bread dough rises. When you make bread, you are supposed to knead the dough, set it near warmth, cover it with a towel, and watch it grow.

Bakers use yeast bacteria to create the gases to make dough twice or three times its original size. This process is what makes bread fluffy.

The bacteria bakers use is called yeast and it is common. Yeast allows us to create all kinds of desserts, pickles, wine, and beer.

Good bacteria, like yeast, are the reason why humans have lived so long. It’s the reason why it was significant that Jesus made water into wine.

Good bacteria works like magic in bodies. We feed them leafy greens, celery, bright oranges, and alkaline water, and they complete a symphony of chemical reactions.

These chemical reactions give off gases that create air pockets. Those bubbles make bread fluffy, so what scientists found was not very shocking at first.

They looked at the wheat used to make white bread. It gets it color by stripping wheat of its outer shell or husk. Scientists prepared the dough and found that continued to rise without any problems.
As a result, soft white Wonder bread was produced. Great right? Right. When those same scientists continued to move to less processed wheat bread, they found that the dough took longer to rise even though everything was the same, except they whole wheat flour.

When scientists compared the two hunks of dough, they found that because wheat bread uses the entire plant to make the flour, more glyphosate was present. Because more of this herbicide was in the flour, the yeast did not make the dough rise as much.

In their conclusions, more glyphosate meant that whole wheat bread takes longer to bake than white bread because glyphosate sterilizes yeast bacteria. Yeast bacteria needed four hours to rise when they used whole wheat flour, instead of one hour to rise in bleached flour.

Then scientists rinsed the wheat with water before it was made into flour. There was no difference between the levels of rising dough. Fortunately, glyphosate is water soluble, so it can be washed down the drain easily.
But here’s the gag:

You are a supreme being, but the water inside of your body can also extract glyphosate from your food. Just like yeast in bread, good bacteria complete a symphony of chemical that create the building blocks of your cells—amino acids.

Glyphosate is killing your body’s good bacteria. You are not creating enough amino acids to support long term health.

How to decrease glyphosate in food?

The true impact of this herbicide is unknown, but the Journal of consumer Protection and Safety, found that glyphosate is easily detected in human urine. On average, Americans have higher levels than Europeans.

It is good that you pee out most of the glyphosate that is in your food. How do you know glyphosate is not also harming you over time? Short answer: you don’t know much.

What you do know for sure is that you need the amino acids good bacteria create to support your body’s ability to heal itself.

Without this microscopic support, you are more likely to die and early death caused by inflammation. Cancer, heart diseases, dementia, and diabetes, are just some of the illnesses linked to constant inflammation in the body.

Scientists suggest that direct contact with glyphosate is the most common route of exposure, but eating foods that contain glyphosate also leads to traces of this chemical in urine.
Trace amounts of any toxic substance over a sustained period can harm your body. Glyphosate’s original indication was as an antibiotic medication, not a weed killer.

You can attack long term problems in several ways because you know that good bacteria inside of you promotes healthy cell function. You limit glyphosate’s damage to your body by eating fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, and black garlic.

You also can supplement with probiotics, buying local, and eating organic.

What have you heard about glyphosate? Send your questions to
Your anxiety is still high. I can see the sweat dripping from your brow, but keep in mind that you will ultimately be OK.
Continuing the conversation, you are inundated with a superficial and toxic culture. Where is the balance when everything is good and well? Too much of anything can knock everything off balance.animals-barn-bucket-840111
Do you feel like you have the space to express what you truly believe? Instead do you focus on what others think you should believe?
If you believe the soul chose and uses the body as a tool of expression, shouldn’t the soul have some sense?
I make it my mission to talk about the iterative process of the soul. Its kind of like a new born baby. Its valuable and should be protected at all costs until its fully developed.
You must allow the soul to develop and mature into an adult that can create and change the world. Therefore, I come as often as possible to share with you on Center of the Sun podcast.
That is why I think we have arrived at such a weird place in social media. You can look back at all the different profiles I have owned. You will see that I have never really been a fan of the superficial nature of the internet.
I’m simply tired of seeing the same thing every day. Do get me wrong, I want to hear your thoughts and feel your emotions. I would love to hear your voice or see your body move.
Soul must interact with reality. That’s how it works once you realize the Earth is a gift that should be honored.
If you never sit down and think, how can you be aware of that? Subsequently, how are you self-aware if you are not aware of your surroundings? I am not talking about self-awareness in relation to other people.
I want you to ponder: Who the fuck am I? In relation to my experiences? That is an overwhelming question.
The first you need to know is who the fuck to avoid:

  1. Space invaders: It’s the kind of person who gives the impression that they need something, so you naturally want to help them. After that happens you realize that they never actually listened to your words or even considered that you have authority on the matter, even though they asked you for it.
    a. Space invaders don’t actually want to improve any aspect of themselves, they would rather you be miserable with them.
  2. Manipulators: They mirror what they think you want to see or hear from them. They normally do this to build rapport with you or get close to you. I see this a lot. Because I make an effort to be authentic with every person I meet. Its just easier down the long run. This person will get comfortable just to change your mind using personal information you offered to them.
    The best way to avoid people like this is to make sure that you never treat anyone else like this. You must remember that you are the supreme being.
    You can manifest the reality you see fit. That reality does not have to exist at the expense of other people.
    You can’t police other people’s behavior, but you can start using it as a guide to self-help. Your body can alert you to several people that may only wish you harm.
    A few months ago, I was discussing life paths with one of my patients and I experienced several synchronicities that indicate to me that I am doing something right.
    Synchronicities always pop-up in my life when something big is going to happen or if I am about to experience a major shift.
    Also, I watch for my dreams. They have a certain shimmer to them when they are normal flying stuff.
    When the soul wants to alert me to something serious, there is always an element that I won’t forget, like seeing Sally Jessy Raphel, or having group sex. Something shocking always comes before and after a major message. Something only in which I find value.
    There are times when you see 11:11 on the clock, or 77.7 degrees Fahrenheit on the thermostat. I make note of those weird signs too.
    Sometimes, when you are buying a car, you start seeing that car everywhere you drive. This is similar, but numbers are particularly meaningful because they can explain literally everything about our world.
    When someone is talking about me, people always say that expression, are your ears burning? Well, there is some truth to that expression.
    Sometimes, I think I listen to loud music, but when your ears are burning or ringing, and it’s not after a concert, it may be something I need to pay attention to.
    One of the last things I want to mention were feelings of doom. I have this impulse often because catastrophic expectancy is real. Post-traumatic stress disorder is real. Black LGBTQ people are murdered in cold blood every day.
    But sometimes, in my case, where I cannot point to anything specific to traumatize me, my feelings of doom may be a dark entity.
    Demons are real and may be trying to poke at your fear. Keeping you locked into the violence and destruction that is currently ruling our reality. It only gives them more ammunition against us.
    I feel like if we focus on soul development, we can better understand ourselves. Looking at each other is fine, but when it’s all we do all day long, I get tired of the pageant festival.
    This process is called unfoldment:
    You are going to experience rapid shifts in consciousness
    Self-care is paramount in this process
    You must take care of your body
    You must take care of your emotions
    You must take care of you mind
    If you need help with this, shoot me an email
    I am now you natural remedy specialist and I have some products to share with you, if you’d like.
    Do you remember the first time you recognized yourself in a mirror? I remember that day because I was surprised by face.
    It’s still an odd memory, but prior to that day, I had no concept of who my etheric self (or physical self) was. But I still had a consciousness up to that point.
    This is the first step of unfoldment.
    It’s the identification with physical body.
    It’s a realization that the physical body is just an illusion. We are greater than ourselves. Our dualistic reality gets a little bit harder to operate inside.
    We feel pretty good because we start to understand the power that we have as humans.
    We start practicing and realizing that we can increase this power.
    But we are still bogged down with daily life.
    The second phase of unfoldment is when you start recognizing the self that exists purely in your head. Separate from your body, but still affected by it.
    That’s why Beyoncé keeps telling ya’ll to be vegan.
    She wants you to ascend to this phase of realizing that form and self are not the same.
    I feel like I am stuck in this phase.
    When I meditate I do so with the intention that I will meet my higher self.
    See how I am still speaking in terms of higher self and lower self?
    This is ok we all must start somewhere
    The third stage is really where it starts getting weird.
    You are supreme being locked in a physical form
    I have said this before and by realizing this is a whole new level of consciousness.
    Humanity starts to feel like a privilege more than a chore.
    This is the point at which you want to maximize your time here on Earth.
    You soul chose your body. You choose your reality.
    Moving along, to stage 4 where the soul starts to dominate the physical form. This shifts the consciousness once again.
    This is where a lot of people trying to find truth stay
    This is because that emotions are paramount to human survival.
    The will of the soul must find a way to supersede the needs and desires of the physical body.
    Little by little, over the course of time, the Soul becomes whole with the body.
    This is the point at which someone can start helping humans—as a whole.
    By stage 5, You are approaching initiation. The will of your soul becomes automatic. You start to shed your ego and the informed voice inside your head gives you the information you desire.
    This is intuition at its finest.
    Pure vision
    Direct knowledge
    And the ability to use and direct energy
    Remember when we talked about the different bodies?
    Well those bodies start to fuse into one
    Now, you have achieved the level of god
    I have only seen this depicted on Star Wars when Luke Skywalker helps one last time
    Oh wait, this is the same template of Jesus’ life too.
    That why I think the bible is just a badly transcribed version of ancient teachings
    Jesus is just another filled out template of the same stuff humans have been saying for years.


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