This Is How History Shapes Identity, Cultures, And the Future

You can see history doesn't always repeat itself by accident.  So, how do you want to be remembered?

What things do you want me to say about you when you die? Well you better practicing.

You better start figuring that shit out now.

That’s something you probably never considered because you've never died before.


Have you die before? Well some people do die and some people come back—and they report back.

They see similar things.


You've never been put inside of a situation that made you recollect all of the times you butted heads with someone;
or cussed somebody out;

or made them feel like a piece of crap.


It does not matter what you did, but it does matter a whole lot how you make people feel. So how do you want to be remembered?

You don't want the world to dance for your grave the moment you take a take your last breath like are you Kobe Bryant are you a %HESITATION like Adolf Hitler or somebody? You should be mindful of your afterlife.


You should be mindful of all the things you learned while you were a slave of your religion.

Not only should you be mindful of the afterlife that you will experience, but you should be probably be mindful of the after lives of the people around.


After they bury you.

That's why I think Bernie Sanders will never fucking win.

Because he's not being mindful of his legacy.

He just…he's being is very short sighted about all of this.


Bernie Sanders will not win. We're going to be making America great again for another four more years because these mother fuckers don't know how to????

History it's history though.

Bernie Sanders does not have the best chance to become the next US president because he opposes the over-arching energies of our society.


He openly wants to reshape our institutions, and I don't have a particular value judgment that Iwant to share today about him and his policies—and whatever it is.

I do want to share my observations watching politics in the last ten years.


That's how Trump won. Trump won because he tapped into energy that was negative and divisive, like racism.

Its the kind of energy that motivates in equal measure to Obama's “Hope” because society was tired of the trauma of war at the time.

You have to read the room, Bernie Sanders.


And the economy is not “trash”.

It's not the best, but it's still not trashing Hillary lost because— even women hate themselves.

Even women hate the fuck out of women.


And we don't culturally value women as leaders. And it's so pervasive. Just anti-blackness is pervasive, “anti woman-ness” is pervasive among women.

Bernie Sanders will not win because we've been taught since children we don't like communism, we don't like socialism, and that's all he's pushing.


Regardless of the truth regardless if we've already adopted the polices. It's the words that matter.

It's how you make people feel that matters.

The energy of 2020 is really motivating me to get my shit together, but it's also kind of scary because things are moving fast.

If you're not paying attention you will be left literally in the dust.

How do you want to be remembered?

What is your legacy going to be?

It’s your responsibility to for the greater good. That's the energy that comes out of me.


How do you break the cycle?

Can you break the cycle? I don't know. I think that's what Bernie Sanders is trying to do.

I think that's what people.


That's why people support him: breaking cycles, breaking spells.

If I do support somebody, I would support Joe Biden because of his experience already being vice president.

Being in Congress doing things that I can see and hear.

You know he seems like he would be a good leader. He seems competent.


I am most interested in fixing foreign policy.

He seems to have the right attitude about reengaging our allies.

God don’t like ugly.

Did you hear about Roger Stone?


Trump is trying to commute the sentences of various corrupt individuals.

And one of them being the man, that I think it was like the governor of Illinois tried to sell the Obama Senate seat when Obama came press became president?

Those people are being released from prison early, I never thought he deserved to be in prison for like life for anything anyway but I mean…


When you abuse your power like that, you should be prosecuted.

I think Trump is making a statement by not prosecuting or letting these people out early.

He's kind of being like “Hey guys don't prosecute me or if you do prosecute me let me off easy”


“…Because you know I let you off easy…”

So, I think he's setting the stage for his own prosecution, but the one prosecution he can't stop is the prosecution of Roger Stone.

Roger Stone is…he is such a fucking asshole, and this is why I know Bernie Sanders won't win.


Because that spirit of “take me as I am on the front” is not going to happen.

We're going to be looking deeper into people's personalities. We are going to choose the person who is the most truthful.

The thing about Roger stone is that he is a he was involved with Richard Nixon.


Roger Stone's energy is from the Nixon era where he got away with everything just for the simple fact that he was ugly as fuck—and got in the right room.

He's so fucking ugly, but he basically was like a staffer for Nixon.

He saw all this play out in the 60s, and he was there for the whole time.


He got super rich off of it because he learned how to be corrupt and not get caught.

Fast forward to 2020, and now he's caught and now he's facing three years in prison (like forty months) of prison.

Right now he's throwing everything he has at the wall—just to see what sticks because he's trying to avoid prison.


Right now, I just saw a headline about him requesting that the judge recuse herself because after the sentencing she mentioned that the jurors were—you know—right because they used integrity when they made the determination.

Even though Roger Stone was convicted for obstructing a congressional investigation.

Like what the hell. Stone is requesting that the judge step down because of comments regarding the jurors personal integrity.


Like what a fucking bitch.

Like Roger Stone: I know this is hard to believe, but I need you to accept the reality that you did something wrong.

Now you're being punished for it.

Just like all the other people in the world that would be punished in the same exact way.


You're not special, and just because you have a good a “style” and “a personality” and “friends”, it doesn't matter in front of a judge.

They don't care. Their job is to uphold whatever laws of whatever institutions that we have inside which you decided to be corrupt.


So, you tampered with witnesses, and you thought it would be a good idea to target them.

So I just want to I just want to encourage you: if your friend of Roger Stone let him know that balance is the key.

That's what number 9 is today.


You know we're going to talk about numerology. When you talk about the number 9 you’re going to talk about balance.

You’re going to talk about 9 because I am a destiny number 9 and I feel the most…I just feel very qualified to talk about this because it's like my personality.

It just comes out.

History: we know does not repeat itself by accident.

Numerology is the theoretical framework through which you can analyze the psycho-social structure of numbers and how they function.

We know that's true about numerology because in modern mathematics we have similar goals: what is not a pattern?

We know that we have all these patterns…like where is it not a pattern?

In Indian medicine, the Christian Bible, and Islamic traditions.


They all have something rooted = in global truths about number.

So, Numerology there's a bunch of patterns and where there's no patterns, are in the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Those nine numbers, the first nine numbers, are the only ones without patterns.

Those are where the patterns come from.

  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Mars

Represents complete awareness.

Represents the protection of everything because it has intrinsic value.

Corresponds with the immune system (fighter cells).

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