This is Why Raw Honey Prevents Cancer

Do you know why school lunches on days with chicken nuggets were so lit? I don’t either.

Several news outlets are reporting how public schools are collecting on children because their parents cannot afford to buy their school lunches.

Fortunately, several organizations have stepped in to balance their dumbass budgets. It’s so sad how we treat children in this country. So many are affected by terrible parenting, but then I hear stories about epidemics of hunger. In America, this should never happen.

Any economist knows that there is enough food to go around. They are just trying to control us, just in case, they want more. Let me not start off on a tangent.

I am your host D’Vaughn. And you are listening to Center of the Sun! Thank you for listening.

I am happy that most of those children are being taken care of. We need the departments of whatever the US fuck to do their jobs. Feed the children!!

But I remember my days eating free lunch at school. You either packed (if you were bougie) or you bought. It didn’t matter who you were. If you wanted to volunteer, that you could do that too.

We got to get out of class early for lunch. Help take the nuggets off the baking sheets and into serving dishes.

The thin plastic gloves and aprons were way too big, but I loved handing out the milk. I was tall and I could reach into the cooler.
There was an opportunity every week to help serve with the lunch ladies. I always had fun doing that shit because I love helping people for some odd reason.

But my favorite part about chicken nugget days were not even about the chicken or the chocolate milk. It was about the honey.

At the end of the lunch line, there was always a hug carafe filled with honey. They always left 1 of the 5 spaces free on the lunch tray. I always filled that bitch up with honey so I could dip my hot chicken nuggets.

To this day, I never eat honey on my chicken. There are a few instances, when I don’t have a choice but eat honey. Don’t ask. But outside of that setting, I never ask for honey at restaurants. I guess honey mustard is the closest thing.

I still don’t understand why school chose honey over other sauces. There was always barbeque there. And ketchup and mustard. But the vast majority of kids loved that damn honey.

If you haven’t noticed, today we are going to focus on functional foods. Or foods that are so rich in nutrients they are basically medicine. Honey is one of those natural compounds that feels so normal to just have in the house. But it is, the main ingredient to your healthy diet.
I have been a research assistant for the last six years, and every day it astounds me how curious I am all the fucking time. Even though I work in high paced environment that is trying to use biomedical interventions to address public health crises, I find that we always should first look within, then to mother earth for questions.

A medical journal in Malaysia states that, “More than 25% of drugs used during the last 20 years were directly derived from plants, while another 25% were chemically altered natural products” (Fauzi, 49)

Please visit for the sources that I am using in today’s podcast. I have journals of medicine from the Saudis, Asians, French, Turkey, and of course, Americas. I selected journals from these countries because I know that bees are different depending on where you live, so is the honey.

Bitch when I tell you, I never know there were so many kinds of bees and honeys. I also didn’t know that people have been indexing the use of them for ages. I also wanted to get sources from Asia and the Middle East because a lot of the practices they are validating with science today, were passed down from ancient people.

Just like our exploration of the human soul. That information is older than any religion on earth. The same people who taught us how to use the earth as medicine, can teach us how to appreciate our bodies.

I am saying all of this because there are so many threats to your health. Many threats you cannot even prevent, but you are a supreme being. Nothing should be able to surprise you because everything is a part of everything else. We live in a set of patterns.

For some, those patterns of behavior, lead to serious illnesses like, Cancer or HIV. I told you earlier that I am a research assistant. Well today, I am the researcher. I am here to tell you that honey has an entire list of proven health benefits.
They list the following promising properties of honey:
The European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry states, “The role of oxidative stress in promoting the carcinogenic process by free radicals, and the preventative effect of antioxidants acting as free radical scavengers in cancer development is well established” (Badolato, 292).
This means that when you don’t eat properly, your body cannot properly function. Because we are supreme beings, we don’t feel the effects of our poor diets or exposure to pollution. But over time, you know what can happen. Cancer.

Then millions of dollars of medical treatments. These journals don’t discount cancer treatment, but they instead support the easy ways we can prevent cancer. That process is called chemoprevention. Hundreds of double-blind studies support the positive effects of plants on our bodies.

Raw honey just happens to be one of those super foods that doesn’t require us to destroy the organism or environment. All we must do is save the bees!

Also, honey has an anti-inflammatory property as well. This is especially concerning for those who are living with HIV. Just the presence of the organism in your body causes a cascade of issues down the road.
Like I said earlier, your body is quite resilient, but it’s on guard. Because your body is on guard so much, it wears down a lot easier. Honey can help your cells relax. Real recognize real.

Now for the interesting stuff, honey has been shown to kill certain kinds of viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Like because of the number of phytochemicals—the one’s that make plants green when they have enough sunlight—are the same chemicals that keep us healthy.

But because everyone’s body is different, you must eat a lot of food. You must let your body figure out what it needs and doesn’t need. Honey should be a part of that rainbow you have on your dinner plate.

Also, there is strong evidence both in experiments down with animals and humans, that honey can shrink certain kinds of cancers and tumors. The 2017 Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences states, “Honey is highly valued by users for therapeutic purposes as an alternative medicine” (Meo, 976). They don’t say this because of some wives tales, no they have taken big ass machines and microscopes to figure out why it honey keeps people healthy.

Well, that because honey contains nutrients like folic acid and other phytonutrients found in hundreds of differnt kinds of foods. These same nutrients are synthesized into medicines that fight fungus and liver damage.
Moving along, honey has also been described as having the ability to help in the bedroom. You know just increasing your sperm count. Guarding against cardiovascular issues that cause erectile dysfunction.

I’m convinced that honey is something that should always be in your pantry. Raw honey of course. Bees gather pollen on their little bee legs. When bee keepers create honey, they must try to gather as much pollen off the bees legs. They also must make sure pollen comes from a variety of different sources. So, by the time it gets to your house, you want to make sure you are getting the best honey possible. That is probably best found at your farmers market. Anything you get from the grocery store may have been processed in some way.

Even if you buy an expensive jar of honey, it literally won’t rot. That’s how you know it has healing properties. It doesn’t die. You want compounds from plants in your body that can support your immune system. Honey can do that.

So, let’s recap:

*Some foods function as medicine because they are densely packed with plant-based nutrients.
*There are nearly 300 kinds of raw honey that fight cancer, decrease inflammation, and support the immune system.
*Research around the world agrees that raw honey is a Functional Food, but it is best consumed from your local beekeeper.

Honey is not that expensive if you consider the health benefits. On this show we have talked about how the etheric body or your physical body holds your emotions.

A few episodes ago, we explored the different Chakras that are in the body. Like I said earlier, the same people who are giving us information about Functional Foods, they also have information regarding how humans can create their personal atmosphere.

James Charles is a sad example of how you use your personal atmosphere to influence and manipulate other people. Because he is young, I am sure he will bounce back from his most recent scandal.

For some reason, no one has patience for predators anymore. Everyone is going down. I was even shocked to recently hear about the Vatican releasing new rules that set the stage for reform.

For years, people have been keeping sex scandals within the Catholic Church secret. Those days have ended. I am not even catholic, but it’s a huge step in human consciousness. Something as delicious as raw honey can get you to place where you can evolve your thinking.

Going back to all this James Charles drama, the algorithms have been placing Jeffry star videos in my YouTube feed and it has gotten me thinking about this matrix we live in.
All this superficial focus is going out of style. Well, not anytime soon, but that is why I started Center of the Sun. A shift in the way humans live is coming. I am not sure what will happen, but a focus on the body’s esoteric energy system seems likely.

Jeffrey Star, James Charles, and Tati represent a culture that is obsessed with the physical form. We are obsessed with learning about the physical form too. But on this show, we are striving to find balance. I am astonished with this influencer culture.

All the symbols point back to one thing. And it’s the insistence that we focus our attention solely on our bodies and not our minds.

That is why cancel culture seems so insidious. We are finally allowed to use our minds. If we are not careful, you can be influenced and manipulated.

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