This is How Houseplants Help You

Every breath you take is filled with soot, dust, and chemicals you can’t even pronounce.  Since you were a kid, you have been warned about the harmful effects of pollution.

You have even taken steps to decrease your carbon foot print.

What you throw away, how fast you drive on a city road, and the number of green avocados you eat every week all play a role in destroying this beautiful planet.

Your Mother deserves better. Mother Earth deserves balance, right?

I am your host, D’Vaughn.

In this episode of Center of the Sun, I am going to share with you new research regarding the World’s pollution.

Your health should be the most important thing to you. You already get up and go to work every day.

All for earning enough money to take care of yourself and your family. You deserve to know the truth about global warming; all the truth.

Scientists have done a great job this far, but from my perspective they made incredible assumptions.

Those assumptions have scared us since we were kids. Do you really think the Earth cannot manage itself?
I did say you are a supreme being. Not because you can destroy a planet within 100 years.

It’s because you can heal even your most drastic physical ailments by focusing on things as simple as houseplants.

Yeah, the 10-foot-tall canopy forest your grandma’s front room are probably the reason she is still alive.

Plants are vital to your health. Some people believe that they also are vital to balancing our positive and negative energies because you constantly wade through conspiracy theories:

Personally, I must deal with issues of conspiracy theories just as a black man.

I refuse to see the latest installment of any Marvel movies. The last one I saw was Infinity War. Before that movie, I saw Black Panther.
Way before those movies, I was pleasantly surprised that I found Thor 3: Ragnarok interesting. And the only reason I saw that one was because it was on cable that day. (side note: Thor, and the being portrayed in that movie, lining up all the alternate dimensions was a concept I had never really seen play out on film).

So, when I took a day off work to go see Infinity War in 2018, I remember leaving the Cinemark—to never watch another Marvel movie again. They suck.

I thought I was just mad that they promptly killed off my husband: The Black Panther. I had been smiling since the opening sequence of Wakanda.

They always kill the black man first! I always feel that when I watch a movie.

If he doesn’t die first, he dies in the most brutal way, first. Moving into this installment of the saga, I still have the same sentiment.
I don’t care about the story line. I know very little about the storyline of any fantasy movie.

I do shit instead like read about spirituality. That’s fantasy to me, honestly.

I don’t like fantasy outside of spirituality because it often leans toward death worship. While there is no harm in worshipping death, I am fearful.

Anyway, Marvel movies have those same qualities. Most media companies do this, to be perfectly honest.

The whole aspect of destroying the entire universe simply does not sit well in my spirit. Something feels terribly off.

You were raised to think that supernatural things are not only bad; they most always have the capacity and will to destroy the universe.

It doesn’t matter what is true. It’s how you feel about yourself and the world. What you feel is in the realm of possibility…that shit can happen.

You are always shown images of Zombies and fake shit. As a result, we can imagine a world in which that much death and destruction exists.
What you have trouble imagining is a world where you live in perfect harmony with everything else. There’s always a negative connotation somewhere.

You accept of suffering and pain as normal parts of your life. Have you ever considered anything else?

This shit just doesn’t sit well with me. That’s why I created Center of the Sun.

You are not going to live in fear because you should not fear anyone. You should not fear your true self. You should not fear the tools humans have created.

Something like Artificial Intelligence is a perfect example.

Sevan Bomar from gave us some invaluable information last week regarding companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Tesla. Unfortunately, those companies are giving technology and inventors a bad name.

The CEOs of these companies are using the same tools that can advance our society, for their own personal gain. In the process they are scaring us to death.
I just saw a YouTube video with a white nationalist talking about when the time comes to incorporate AI into our bodies, we will lose control. That is the point at which humanity has been lost.

Bitch what? Don’t let humans—too afraid to create something on their own—dictate what will end humanity.

Personally, I would prefer to make decisions around health with computers and actual data. Of course, human brains must be the standard of information processing, but the more tools at our disposal, the better.

You don’t need someone’s racist ass opinion of how they believe your body works.

Do you know how many black women die in childbirth just because doctors truly believe black people tolerate more pain?

There are actual attitudes recorded on standard research surveys, that have proven that medical students hold biased views. Those views don’t resolve after they graduate medical school, either.
Their views are, actually, validated.

I truly believe that technology in parts of our lives, like healthcare, will allow us to discover our full human potential.

For instance, scientists right now are mapping the brain. There’s an awesome researcher in California doing that very thing with an AI called CODEY. To learn more, visit

This researcher, Michael McNair, is using artificial intelligence modelled after the human brain, to analyze text on the internet. I just visited his website and described my day. His robot detected that I was having a positive day.

It was right! And with enough practice, McNair believes his technology can be applied to all kinds of things. For instance, detect when you are being a bully on Twitter.

We all know that when you look at the brain with your eyes. It only appears to be a hunk of meat. Yet, when you start to look at how those tissues connect, the brain has qualities of consciousness to it.

Just like artificial intelligence, the human brain learns and grows based on the information it has in front of it. It doesn’t do much else. We know that because without any stimulation, that brain and person cease to exist.
I am excited to see what McNair’s research will uncover. Hopefully, he’ll invite me to map my brain one day!

Look, when we expand technology into our bodies, we will find out that the soul, consciousness, god, and the person we talk to (when we are talking to ourselves), is us.

Collectively or not. Your body is tuned to the frequency of universe. We can see a gimplse into that hidden word of vibes when we connect our brain to machines that can measure the electrical activity.

You also know that is also called your esoteric energy system. Esoteric simply means unknown. We are beginning to find out more as we grow as a species.

Your senses pick up vibes from other conscious beings and objects. You create worlds with the information you have.

You get up every day to hear more signals and collect more data. You are not a computer. You are a pattern recognition being. You collect data a create pictures in the mental plane.
So, why am I telling you this? Well, it’s mainly so I can tell you later about how you can stop worrying so much about global warming.

I have big news to share. But I am also telling you this because my next statement may shock you.

There is no such thing as a particles of light. There are not packets of energy that move through spacetime. Affected by gravity. Both a wave and a particle. Elusive and sexy. Albert Einstein really wanted us to believe him.

Light is the after effect of magnetic field disturbances. I also must mention the dielectric field, as well. But you don’t know anything about that term. That’s intentional. You can google Unified Field, or super string theory or super fluid theory if you’d like.

It is certainly evidence based, unlike other relative theories. No pun intented lol.

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Frank Wilczek, wrote a book in 2010 called the Lightness of Being. In it, he makes the connections between what Albert Einstein wanted to tell us, and what is true.

Yeah folks, all this time, physics has been unified. You wouldn’t necessarily learn about that in school, but there it is. Why are we still talking about quantum mechanics?
There is an antiquated idea, which has come back to the surface called, Ether theory. It suggests that we live in a grid of matter. Like everything. Is one grid. The earth. You. The stars and galaxies. All made of the same stuff.

Sevan Bomar, and author Sophia Stewart calls this grid, The Matrix.

Instead of three million different particles, Ether theory suggests one particle, which vibrates in an infinite number of ways.

The after effects of those infinite number of vibrations are what we perceive as light. That is why light is hotter or cooler at different times, places, frequencies.

That’s why there is no speed of light. I say that because speed of light as the fastest thing in the universe was called into question in 2014 using a large particle collider. Look it up. It happened in Geneva, Switzerland.

Basically, you are made of this same stuff. You can’t tell because your particles are vibrating so fast. This also means because everything is made of the same thing, everything is connected.

Everything has the potential to interact with everything else. This is what ancient people have been trying to tell us.
They have been trying to explain to you what light is. Light is the after effect of all the vibrations encompassing this fluid like substance. We are made of this stuff. Mainly water.

So, light is also the after effect of the vibrations you cause.

This light is part of your personal atmosphere. Disturbances in your personal atmosphere creates both good and bad results. But even though you can’t see it, you know others can sense your light.

Do you know what else senses your light? Well, like I discussed earlier, your houseplants silly lol. Photosynthesis is how plants eat.

Even though, the light we create is not visible, it is measurable in terms of heat. Visible light that is created by the sun primarily feeds plants.

I just got done reading a study which measures how much plants are eating across the world. That also included measurements of how much plants clean the air.

Photosynthesis has been well known as the exchange of carbon dioxide in the air. Plants break that shit a part, it travels down the stem and into the soil. That’s why trees are so important. They connect the earth with the atmosphere.

That’s also why you eat plants and keep them in your house. When plants get enough sunlight, plants absorb all the visible light, except for green.

When visible light hits the leaves of a plant, the pigment of that plant, like melanin in humans, is heated up or vibrated to the point in which the carbon dioxide that is inside of the plant is transformed into water.

That resulting water allows us to breathe air. There is new research across the globe to suggest that as humans continue to put carbon dioxide in the air, plants have been increasing this process of photosynthesis.
This gives us hope in terms of Global warming. But we must remain vigilant to not over use Mother Earth’s ability to regulate herself.

Birds are still out here feeding plastic to their babies. On the flip side, this is especially relevant when you consider having plants inside of your home.

Light is inside of us and outside of us. Every cell in our body can disturb the fields of other people close to us and create more light.

Global warming is not just a tool for the government to scare us. There is legitimate evidence that if we do nothing, out children’s children will suffer the most.

But keep in mind, that this planet is made for us. Or we are made for it. Either way, you must take care of how many resources you consume. That starts with your personal atmostphere.
The energy inside of your body, like plants, doesn’t end where your skin begins. It extends out into the world. Before you step out into the world, consider house plants to remind you that you are a supreme being.

Having houseplants will not only look pretty, it will help you breathe better, and capture more light into your home. That’s it for today. Please send your questions to

This has been another episode of Center of the Sun, thank you for listening!

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