4 Ways to Get Your Stomach To Stop Hurting


These exciting new research studies can help you stop being so bloated and gassy after you eat.

Once you feel pain in your gut, you may already be causing damage to your intestines.

You have learned to smile through the pain, but stomach aches can hurt so bad that you forget what makes you happy.

You can wake up every day, motivated to build the worlds you want to see. You can work your ass off to get your music video on MTV.

You can even become as popular as Michelle Obama, but none of that will matter when you don’t feel good.
If you don’t have a diagnosed medical issue, have you considered that may not feel good because you are living in disharmony with nature?

The new research you are learning about today is a miracle because it is going to make you feel lighter, less sleepy after dinner, and overall—satisfied with your portions.

This new research that proves food is medicine, can even help prevent health issues down the line, when you go a little too hard at Popeye’s. All you must do is listen and open your mind.

Remember: you are a supreme being and you cannot being contained in this physical reality. Once, you find out why you are so unique, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.
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Apparently, there is a fermented food group you have neglected your entire life.

The International Journal of Food Properties (IJFP) published an article in February 2019 detailing all the new probiotics they have in their database.

Scientists from all over the world have confirmed that there are exactly 1,730 known active good bacteria that naturally are supposed to be a part of our food chain.

When was the last time you ate food that contained active cultures? You have been eating pickles, and drinking milk, taking probiotics, and drinking water.

You think you have been doing the most to stay healthy, but have you considered what happens when you do nothing? That’s where ferments come in.

This Journal defines fermented foods as organic food prepared in such a way that when left at room temperature long enough—good bacteria grow.

It’s a cycle. We feed them. They perform a symphony of chemical reactions that create the vitamins and minerals necessary to prevent diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.
Yes, there are medications and dietary supplements, but sometimes our best attempt at health only achieves the opposite: creating disharmony with our environment.

Look, these organisms already live inside of you. That’s why you get sick during the winter or after your condom broke.

There are all kinds of bacteria, good and bad. You must be intentional about consuming good bacteria. Then, you can continue to wash your hands after you take a shit, which kills the bad bacteria.

In another study published in the International Journal of Cancer (IJC), scientists continue to echo the fact that certain fermented foods show evidence of multiple health benefits:

  1. Organic Yogurt and Kefir guarantee you will always get the necessary amount of calcium in your bones. Also, because the good bacteria eat the lactose, it is less likely to hurt your stomach.

  2. Italians have known for centuries that organic cheese provides a variety of bioactive molecules. Cheese is basically the greatest of all time (GOAT).

  3. Organic Fermented Meat/Eggs are used in several cultures to avoid starvation because fermented foods have a long shelf life.

  4. Fermented veggies can stop bloating and gas by delivering the right number of good bacteria to make sure your entire system is balanced.
    Yes, it’s that easy, but everyone’s body is different, so you have eat the rainbow. Even though there are nearly 2,000 identified probiotics doesn’t mean you should consume them all.

Different organisms thrive in different parts of the world, so it depends on your culture. In the US, cancer is skyrocketing because we sterilize everything.

In this case, you’re going to have to go slow, but eat fermented foods especially after taking antibiotics.

I would say start by mixing organic raw apple cider vinegar, spices, and cold pressed olive oil to make a vinaigrette. Other than that, you can make homemade sauerkraut or eat organic yogurt for breakfast.

There are plenty of resources in the internet, but as always you can visit my blog dvaughn.org for the sources of today’s information.

Interestingly, at the bottom of the article, I will have links with all identified microorganisms and the common foods they live on. Check it out.
So here are some numbers for you to hear. I want you to take a moment and just think about what these numbers mean: 0, 1, 2, 9, 5, 3.

Let your intuition tell you what these numbers mean. Over the course of our time together, I want to touch on how human use words and codes to guide how we live our lives.

Just like we spoke about earlier, there are certain ways that Americans believe that we should eat. There are much different ways other cultures eat and their incidences of disease are much lower.

Now, yes, there is a possibility that other factors are at play, but we need to rule out food as the culprit. Also, we need to do that first!

Until we find that part of us that is unique then share it with the world, our work is never done. Taking care of your body is just as much a part of your job. Now it is easier than ever to understand health by incorporating basics about how the food chain actually works.
I am finding that science is becoming a bit of a religion because we can all agree to one thing: there is definitely a way to live our lives that promotes well-being.

Religions and terrorists are distracting a large section of public no one really can agree to what those terms are. Everyone can kind of get along, so there is some hope that we coalesce around similar ideas.

Though the people places and things don’t always match, there are actually more similarities than differencesin the world religions.

I think that is what this path to enlightenment that we are all on is all about. There is a certain sequence of events that must occur for our souls to express themselves or be resolved in some way.
Author and founder of the website SecretEnergy.com Sevan Bomar discuses in a recent YouTube video the interesting ways humans intuitively have perpetuated a unbalanced matrix of coded language.

This coded language being the English language, Sevan asserts, is being used against the public through various means of social conditioning. I have been following his work for a while now and I am affiliate of his products.

Please check out the link in the description of this episode. His most recent youtube video expertly sums up what I have been trying to understand all this time.

How can the universe be matrix or holograph? Why do certain humans seem to believe the we have this inherent power to supersede our physical bodies?
Well it happens to lie in the science of electrical engineering. The matrix that Sevan Bomar describes represents the original definition of sounds, symbols, and ideas humans created, evolved, developed, and then lost for various unknow reasons.

Due to a saturated modern culture of interpretations and religious dogmas, certain activists attempt to rediscover these esoteric and secrets.

By doing so, no other work needs to be done outside of the mere planting of ideas that can reactivate human consciousness.

The collective consciousness of Planet Earth must be actualized before humans cause irreparable damage. The sequencing of human evolution matters in a larger scope.

In a sense, we need history to repeat itself. That is something important I want you to hear. Sevan Bomar brought up a great analogy.

How does power get from point A to point B? Well, to answer your question quite broadly, a sequence of events must occur.
We in our physical reality, what dictates that particular sequence of events? The answer is, Nature. For some reason humans have forgotten that we are a part of Nature.

When Nature has an issue, she readjusts. Think of the original question, how does power get from point A to B?

Imagine the power line from the energy company to your home. If there is any interruption during the process of delivering energy to your home, you will feel it in some way.

Same thing for humans. Nature most likely has a sequence of possible events that you take. When was the last time you consulted with Nature on your path? Well, it’s something to consider.

How? That is probably going to come when you spend some quality time with the planet. So, what does this have to do with anything regarding our daily lives?
When you consider the same train of thought in regards to food, it tends to begin making sense why the American diet is deemed harmful to it consumers.

I would venture to say that we are not taking enough care to maintain our connection with Nature. When you think of it, the good bacteria that are cultured in fermented foods, do not grow on the inside, they come from the outside of the plant.

Thus, the micro-organisms come from the soil. We keep choosing to fuck up our soil with round-up. Then we sterilze the hell out of our food. Take antibiotics. Then never replace that good bacteria.

Does anyone see a connection?

Visit my blog dvaughn.org or send me an email host @centersun21.com

I want to hear your thoughts. There is so much research out there about how healthy humans should eat, yet we are creating impossible food. We are breaking that natural sequence and its not sustainable.
Sevan Bomar made another good point in his video today. When we break routes of power like the way we being manipulated through the media, to remedy the situation, we have to overcompensate good for the bad stuff we experience.

In the face of demons, Sevan say plug all your holes with smiles. Practice joy in the face toxic people. In relation to how we treat our bodies, you have to eat active cultures everyday. Its quite common in other cultures.

Send me your thoughts. Thank you for listening.


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