Human Superpowers: New Research Suggests Divine Inspiration

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Stop Waking up With Feelings of Unease Everyday

You feel motivated to do something creative with your time.
Nobody can demotivate you or affect your drive to succeed.
You envision a life that is tailor made for your existence.
Your feelings are strong, so therefore you cannot ignore them.
Many people have shown that one can manipulate reality to perpetuate their own survival.
Dr. Wayne Dyer brought up a great point in his book, 101 Way to Transform Your Life, by breaking down the word transform.

  • Form=your body

  • Trans=change

    Therefore, to transform, an element of your physical body has to change.

To do this, you must change the way you think and feel about yourself.

Traditionally, this has been done with many techniques like,

  • Visualization

  • Affirmations

  • Meditations (medications too lol)

    These are all tools that have shown tremendous evidence that they have the ability to help people make better descions which lead to better life choice.
    Those life choice have all kinds of benefits like good, better paying jobs, more dates, sustainable relationships, more sleep, and less stress overall.

    New research proves that certain methods and systems can work, but there is no cookie cutter for your success.

What you think about and focus on has profound—sometimes unintended—effects on your life.

Your thoughts and feelingss can make or break your success in finding love, marriage, a better job, and more creativity to share with the world.
Ancient oral traditions have been saying this for centuries, but you have been too stubborn to see: Your mind is your greatest strength.

Not just your brain...

Free-will versus Destiny?

Brain scientists say both are necessary.
Most people are born with billions of brain cells and trillions of connections between them.
Scientists in Cincinnati, OH have gathered medical data on thousands of children linking short term exposure to air pollution and negative effects on a child’s mental health.
Not just in the short term related to stress and suicide, but also later in life as an adult if its not addressed.
Babies are dying in tragic and unavoidable ways because US corporations that pay virtually no income taxes in Ohio and can pollute the air.

New medical scans can look at your brain with greater detail

Doctors have greater insight, literally.
Children are being set up to fail.
Environmental science suggests that children not only will suffer short-term issues, but they can get worse later in life.
This is a gift and a curse for children because we also know that the brain is quite plastic.
This is called Neuroplasticity
New images from functional MRI observe brain function in real time. Other scans can observe molecules of calcium in real time.
All of this new science is leading to new discoveries that we as humans have a tremendous power.
Ancient oral traditions have been encouraging us to explore our natural abilities to rewire our own mind.
You have the ability to rewrite your thoughts to create a desired outcome.
This is no longer a belief system.
Your mind is your greatest strength.
If you don’t take control it can be exploited.

Take a deep dive into you yourself:

Who are you?
The essence of your mind are your thoughts.
The brain is embedded within your mind. The receptors all over your body create a nervous system. It is a tool of your mind.
You are embedded within the environment. You contribute to a collective consciousness.
What do you do when you wake up?
You should try to minimize your exposure to a lot of toiletries and technology.
Your brain works best when focused on one task.
Videos stress us out unintentionally because it activates too many sections and emotions
What do you eat? Should you even eat breakfast?
What are your intentions?
How will you direct and use your energy wisely?

You must cultivate creativity

If you consider your energy precious, from where do you get inspiration?
Is that inspiration divine?
Use your senses, use your mind's gifts.
Recognize that your brain is a dynamic and flexible system, but it is only one part of your mind.
Your mind controls a lot of things in your life, but do you know anything about it?
You have a natural ability to rewire your brain, reroute your thoughts, and transform your physical reality.
***Your mind is your strength. *** email me your thoughts:

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