Beautiful Journals Help You Express Yourself (Better)

You see left and right media pushing their agenda with lies and inaccuracies. Is there any media or news that just looks at facts and the truth?

Society and the social media tell you who to hate and dislike.  Sometimes when you find yourself in this situation, the best thing is to go old school.

This Is How Women And Men Stop Overthinking When You Journal Everyday: An immersive guide by Natural D’Vaughn
May 25, 2021 - What you need to know to get started. Express your creative energy

Your brain works better with pen and paper.  Let's face it.  Creativity is sparked with standard notebooks. Versatile and spacious pages that let your imagination fly away.

You already know that notebooks are great for kids.  You have seen their assignments at school when they create their own journals or illustrated biographies, or have them document sightings of whales and farm animals during field trips.

✔️ SPARK YOUR CREATIVITY with these notebooks.

Here's my favorite empty notebook with a premium cover.

($10.00 on Amazon)

Pink geometric pattern of a journal cover on

Also, check out this genorously sized book.

($7.99 on Amazon)

Multi watercolor cover of a journal on

Write on the outside of this cardstock cover creating a nostalgic and treasured record of your expanded creativity.

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