New Kinds Of Understanding Can Contribute To The Natural World

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You spend so much time trying to fit in, you do not even realize the purpose of your teenage years.

Growing up is not a rite of passage.

Growing up is a symbol the represents everything in the cosmos. Becoming a human is a task.

Most days living life feels like fun. It feels like a choice you would make all the way into infinity—over and over again.


There are a few things I would rather choose to never experience:

Like hearing about Nicki Minaj threatening Meek Mill.

Or seeing pictures of Jay-Z at his RocNation Brunch after hearing about the drama with that company.


Or seeing Justin Bieber be so rude to his wife Hailey. They obviously were arguing because he closes a car door on her leg on Twitter.

Or seeing Lebron James son be assaulted by a damn orange peel. Now the man apologized, but damn, black kids get no slack even if they are rich.

Or seeing the former CEO of the Grammy’s all over TV explaining why the entire organization is trash.

There are few things you would like to change, but for the most part, life is lit.


Growing up is not an inherent part of your personal development, but more so how it relates to soul development—aka collective consciousness. It’s a gift if you choose to take it.

Your soul represents the link in a cosmic chain you own—free and clear. You choose where it links up.

You have spent so much time failing to fit in, you have forgotten your stake in this reality. You don’t know why you are here.

You don’t understand your investment. On this planet. As you are living. With this life.


Taking these breaths. Moving that energy.

Growing up is your gift of time travel because all of the experiences you possess in your memories are accessible as teachable future moments.

Something as simple as sitting in math class your entire childhood, seemingly for no fucking reason, can show back up later in life in ways you probably will never realize.


Without that particular set of math classes, later lessons would have no context and would return void. Like a check. There are only certain things you can fake and make in this reality.

That’s because you are a part of a collective.

That collective is you. Does that make sense?

Think back to those early mornings sitting at a hard desk. Bags and books beneath your feet. Papers and chalk sprawling throughout the room.


You learned counting, then adding, then operating series’ of mathematical functions.

Then you graduated to higher levels only to find a job that never cared about your grades in the first place.

But stop right there.

Maybe the function of that part of your education was less about practical application and more about processes and critical thinking.


Yes, you need to know how not to die, so you have to be able to measure and count.

On the other hand, you learned more than that.

You learned that big abstract ideas on a paper, can translate to your daily life.

You learned that by understanding the structure and function of math, you can glean global truths.


You learned how to focus on and understand the configuration of numbers—through which information is flowing.

You touched on topics specifically, but today, I encourage you to take step back. Take a breath.

Today, I am encouraging you to use mathematics and a particular configuration of the topic, called Numerology, to help filter your experiences through.


Numerology is nothing more than another abstract idea applied to—and anecdotally tested in—daily life.

Numerology can be used as a filter to shake through chaos in order to start seeing patterns.

Just like math class, it’s a system of symbols to help you make better decisions.


Hopefully, those decisions can help you live the life you want right now.

What is Numerology: A theoretical framework through which you can analyze the psychosocial structure and function of numbers.

Modern mathematics has similar aims: find algebraic invariants that can explain global truths.


The cool thing about numerology is that this information has been around for the entirety of human existence.

There are several manifestations of numerology, the most popular being Astrology. Humans agree that our reality is comprised of general structure and function.

Another parallel with modern mathematics is that numerology is constantly being tested by humans in real time.


Again, abstract ideas applied to daily life. Sometimes, you have to acknowledge that more things make sense when you have deeper levels of knowledge.

On YouTube, PBS Digital Studios has a collection of nerdy videos that explain a bunch of shit.


It can become confusing, but sometimes, their videos have the ability to help you understand complex ideas.

One video described how scientists can map the brains of rats. That map can turn out in two main ways, with supporting information, or just random points on a graph.


If you walked into an empty room and saw a graph of random points on a paper, how would you know it was any sort of pattern?

How would you know it was rat brain cells? You wouldn’t, but you would start analyzing those points.

In math it is widely believed that you are bound to understand random information at some point because you find simple connections, then connections to those connections, then bamn! You have a new framework to analyze future information.


That’s all numerology is…humans trying to explain to each other how the universe works. It just so happens that numbers have lasted longer than language.

The cool thing about these abstract ideas about numbers, we are bound to stumble upon connections that also are in higher dimensions.

When you meditate, that why you find that you intuition leads you. Its leading you to the important organizing features of your consciousness: numerology.


And according to all mathematicians, where there is structure, there is emergent function (or a way to apply it to your daily life).

In conclusion, numbers are nothing more than symbols. These symbols have connections to higher dimensions, but they are not living beings.

Numbers symbolize a lot of things including the celestial bodies. Just like your astrological sign, your personality is a result of specific points in space and time.

Three main numbers: Psychic, Destiny, and Name.

Your psychic and name numbers are related to your ego (desires, survival skills, self-image, etc.) and the ego of others.

You Destiny number represents what you deserve on a spiritual level. Its related to what you or your ancestors did in past lives.

There is no value judgement in terms of good or bad because frankly we don’t understand reality on that level.

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