The Color Red Ends The Big Bang Theory And Scientists Make New Discoveries


The Big Bang Theory was called into question in 2011?

I don't know why I am so excited, but why is the Sun red? Why is the sky blue?
There are reasons [why]. There are answers to these questions.

Today I wanted to bring you something new because that's Center of the Sun [Podcast] is about:

bridging modern science and ancient wisdom to find your human potential.

Especially, during trying times. So why is this Sun red?
I am going to tell you why. Its not because it is absorbed by the wavelength of the whatever…

Blah blah there is something else going on. The traditional answer is that certain wavelengths are absorbed leaving only prominent ones over and the only one you saw was the red ones or something like that.

That's not the whole answer. Today we are going to talk about a bunch of different things, new ideas: because there's no such thing as a stupid idea.
How are you doing today? Well, I hope you're doing well.

NPR reported last week, NPR and ProPublica, I've followed them both.

I also re-subscribed to New York times—begrudgingly—they are seventeen dollars a month, well after the first year or something.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there.
I encourage you to find the news that is suitable to your needs. The New York times has just a bunch of random stuff and they write in a certain kind of way that I like. So, I re-subscribed them anyway.

NPR (national public radio) and ProPublica, an independent newspaper, and I'm saying it very specifically, because I don't see the stories on other outlets.
When I first saw this breaking news about this I didn't see it on MSNBC or NBC or ABC or CBS or Fox News or any of these things because it involves senators profiting off of the stock market crash related to the covert nineteen pandemic global pandemic.

How do you feel about that? Senators are being caught, there are at least four right now, being caught for selling stocks after they learned about the emergency.

The same one they are fake dealing with right now related to COVID-19. It is against the law, and unfortunately, I actually believe nothing will come of it because it's been so long since it happened.
It happened in January, and because our Justice Department doesn't care, that's a very unfortunate.

U. S. Attorney General William Barr will not prosecute any of these people unfortunately because he's corrupted.

I believe they probably did this all on purpose and delayed the response so that they wouldn't lose money.
I believe their behavior would be the same regardless of the situation.

So, that's very unfortunate to hear, but it makes sense as to why our government did not act in the appropriate amount of time.

It was because they were trying to profit off of a stock market crash.

I lost a lot of money in my retirement, too.

I didn't know when to cash out or something.
I don't buy stocks in a specific fund or specific industry, but it's like I could have like not lost anything.

You know it is what it is.

In the losing, there has been so much growth.

Hopefully, they can fix it. President Donald Trump changed his tone on the pandemic response.
He now claims that he's a wartime president, and he's facing things that a wartime president will face.

Things like the production of goods and services, but it's a very odd juxtaposition because just two days (fucking two days ago) he was saying it was a hoax.

I just have a cynical way of viewing the world. I've truly believed he's probably trying to also profit off of the stock market crash.

We have never seen any of his financial disclosures and the only reason we can see him breaking the laws because he tells us he’s doing it.
Trump has never let us see his tax returns.

He has never let us see anything related to his business. He's always had an excuse because he is guilty.

ABC news has recently reported that Donald Trump has changed his tone on all of this coronavirus bull crap.

I think it's likely that he is trying to try to get some sort of stock market bailout.
They're focusing a little bit too much on the hospitality industry and the focusing a lot on the hotel industry.

Specifically, where he has businesses so we'll see how plays out.

I don't think they've passed anything as of Sunday on March 22, 2020, but we'll see.

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Part 2

I began the show by asking you why sunsets are red? Why is the sky blue?

I used to believe in...I say believe (and frankly, I say all these things very deliberately) because it's just is.

We always thought of colors in regards to wavelengths into matter.
But that absorption thing we talk about, has nothing to do with what you see in terms of colors.

And its scientifically sound, and for some odd reason, I didn't get the memo.

I’m giving out a memo to you today: There is no rule about absorbing light that makes colors.

What makes colors is some other constant about wavelengths that is relevant, but is unrelated specifically to the absorption of light.
Just as there are updated answers about all kinds of stuff like colors and light, there's also the topic called of redshift.

There’s white light and blue light; white and red flames; and different ways that you see fire.

There are all different kinds of colors that are associated with fire and heat.
The color red is one of those colors that is very prominent when you look at fire, heater, a lighter, or anything red.

It’s very prominent and we see red for very specific reasons.

When we talk about the absorption of light, it has nothing to do with how light is absorbed into something because when we start doing that, the mathematics start breaking down.
Albert Einstein theorized that nothing is faster than the speed of light.

Unfortunately, there was a gross mis-characterization of what he believed at that time.

He actually said—and was completely right—in a vacuum.
You need to change the medium because it's been proven constantly over and over and over again that it doesn't matter where you are, red is going to be red whether or not you see it.

Our ability to see red, is not known entirely, but its definitely not because the other colors in the spectrum absorb into a substance.
Updates to Albert Einsetein’s theories have proven that red does not shift with space and time. Light is a constant.

The only way to change the behavior of light is to change the medium or atmosphere when observing the sky.

If you look too closely, just like Christianity, you may find that truths about reality begin to break down logically.

In 2011, there was a mathematical experimental and theoretical change about about the color red in the sun.
The redness of the sun at sunset is visual evidence that the universe is not expanding.

So it's like, we've been able to prove that the color red doesn't fucking change. We have these views that light we are observing light is all the proof we need that the universe is expanding.

This is based on wrong assummtions of the behavior of red light and infrared light.
We know that light don't change. We know the infrared light don't shift from where it was.

It doesn't matter where you are, it doesn't change.

So there've been major shifts in the way that we view the universe and right now, like on TV you would hear that the universe is expanding.
Right now, while we have visual evidence that the universe cannot be expanding because redness occurs regardless of any sort of motion or relative motion.

Redness occurs regardless of the loss of energy, so it doesn't matter if the Universe was expanding like how would you observe the universe expanding based on red light if it doesn't matter if red light loses energy?
It's going to be the same redness as it began and we know that specifically by observing red light, in our atmosphere, so that's something that's very new.

That's something that's also very controversial. Not because it hasn’t been scientifically validated by our very own government.

Simple things like redness of the sun at sunset increases when you decrease elevation disprove the entire universe-expanding argument.
The further you are from the sun it becomes more red. I thought it absorbed though like that's just like it's just some?

Logical stuff that. If you look at it too closely, it makes no sense.

Here’s the truth: Red shift is proportional to travel of light in the atmosphere.
It’s a one to one, direct, correlation, and it doesn't get less red as you move farther away.

Why does it matter? There are other applications like the Big Bang.

The Big Bang didn't exist. If the Big Bang exist, how would we know the Big Bang, Banged?
If the Big Bang existed we would only know if we could like see it or sense something.

Also, if we had the ability to sense it, we would likely be near the center of that Big Bang.

If we are at the center of the Big Bang then we would be able to observe things moving away from us.

You know what is interesting about an explosion?

When the explosion occurs the things that are moving away, their projectiles actually start slowing down at some point.

So by the very definition of the BIG BANG, the Universe cannot be expanding.

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