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The Easy Method Can Stop Pain From Trauma In Your Past

Shifting your definition of Life can have lasting impacts on your happiness. You are conditioned to focus on fixing problems in your life, but what happens when you redefine life as an entirely separate template of our reality?


All of your plans for summer must be cancelled because of this global pandemic.

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You normally should be tearing up downtown, but you can’t stand the threat of death by SAR-CoV-2 also know as Ms. Rona.

Today, I am going to share new research that easily helps you use spirituality to live your best life, better understand what's going on in the crazy world around you, and how to get along with your friends and family.
By the end of this, you will have brand new tools that help you relax faster after work through grounding and centering your spirit.

There’s new scientific evidence that random acts of self-expression can extend your life and make you look better.
Finding love and connection will be easier when you start focusing on your own internal life energy.

June Is The Month of LGBTQ Pride and Black Joy

It doesn’t really matter what time of year it is because you should be celebrating pride and joy every day of your life.
Not just in terms of sexuality, gender, gender expression, and gender identity.

You could even be Beyoncé just trying to promote a beautiful new visual album through Disney plus.
You could even be the only atheist in your family trying to conceptualize a reality without the promise of everlasting life (or generally, an invisible white man in the clouds).

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are human: haters are gonna hate.
You’re basically damned if you do, and you are damned if you don’t.

You seem like you’re the only one these days who is constantly being judged.

Your friend's and family’s intentions seem pure, but they are also always being super fucking shady.
They keep whispering things to you about how they are going to pray that you find god and repent. Like what?

What gives them (or anyone for that matter) the right to claim that they know absolutely everything about god?
(Note: That’s why I believe atheism is ultimately as misguided as theism—its just as contradictory as a belief system, too.)

What gives someone so close to you the right to tell you that? No one has actual proof that god exists—real proof, right?
So, then why are you treated like you are insane for wanting to be thorough? You would enjoy not being treated differently for not believing.

The Burden Of Being A Skeptic Is Heavy

How do you survive?

If you are Beyoncé, you were never one to represent yourself as religious skeptic. She’s been the focus of a lot of people’s attention of Twitter lately.
We are blessed to have another visual album on Disney plus, but that does not come without criticism from all directions.

Many folks are criticizing Beyoncé for the way she is lumping together different cultural symbols while ignoring the glaring fact that myriad African nations and tribes exist.
There seem to be two main ideas floating around about this recent Beyoncé promotion for her recent Spirit album.

Black people in the US are essentially colonizing African cultures by misrepresenting its patchwork of countries and diversity.
By giving the power to Disney, people think that Beyoncé is choosing a “lack thereof” approach to cultural representations of specific African themes.

They also say that she is plainly ignoring the rich history and differences between the billions of people that live there.
This phenomena is also attributed as one of the main reasons so many people think negatively of Black Americans.

Scholars have expressed numerous times that, to an extent we are creating self-fulfiling prophecy by not seeking a full connection to our African ancestry.
From my perspective, it's what breeds division between us and black people outside of our country.

In a sense, I hear many people express on Twitter that our struggle as Black Americans is seen by many people as less legitimate because we gladly perpetuate the same system that we are supposedly fighting against.
By praising Beyoncé, I can see where the internet critics are coming from.

In addition, Disney as a mainstream cultural icon has not always been fair when they portray any person of color.

Black people have been the victim of terrible mainstream stereotypes.
I can also see Disney's compulsion to correct their longstanding legacy of racism, but they have chosen to largely maintain negativity.

Specifically, in the way they treat their youth actors. That’s why I don’t really watch them.
In addition, Disney has been pushing false representations of African-ness for their entire history, so the outrage is a little...late.

Another Interesting Perspective

When some folks on Twitter regarded this new Beyoncé visual album, they also claimed that our loose affiliation (and subsequent misrepresentation) of African cultural themes is a direct result of violence.
Some people believe by supporting Beyoncé in this way, we are perpetuating that violent legacy by unfairly giving away our only ancestral connections (essentially for free) to billionaire corporations.

All Money Is Not Good Money

This is relevant because sometimes when you are faced with violence, you want to flee from such deep societal issues.
Sometimes, I feel like all of this is intended for us to fight.

Ultimatley, we are driving advertising dollars for these social media companies, so its in their best interest to keep us fighting about small stuff that doesn’t really even serve anyone in the long term.

Who really cares about a visual album? What impact will it actually have on your life?
You shouldn’t discount the fact that all of this fun, but don’t forget it is also a game.

All of this discussion is great, but it is also OK to have a different opinion.

You are spending too much time focusing on what’s wrong with the world.
You’re conditioned to do so, so you probably never noticed.

For example, the whole purpose of science is to solve problems.

Have you ever considered how fucked up it is to have that kind of worldview?

When you go to see a doctor when you are sick, you go to solve a problem.

Look, it’s a trap

I say that because you are not encouraged otherwise to consider maximizing (or finding ultimate) health, aliveness, freedom, joy, or fulfilment (Mellor, 2017).
What would happen if you did focus on those things? Well, by not doing it, you are eliminating potential preventative measures for your everyday problems.

Does that make sense?

Scientist, Ken Mellor, describes this worldview as a bias or in scientific terms, Transactional Analysis.
It's a tendency to view the world through four basic feelings: Glad/happy, Mad/Angry, Scared/Frightened, and Sad/Grieving.

Basically, your reality is centered around your discomfort.

Stop walking through life attempting to decrease your suffering.
You could start increasing joy instead.

That’s why I said it was a fucked-up worldview.

You are depriving yourself of happiness because you keep thinking about what’s wrong.
That’s probably why Beyoncé never does promo anymore.

She would just like for you to be stunned without the preconceived notions borne from commercials.

Honestly, I like it better that way too.
Not all people live their lives in total disarray like you, though.

Not everyone centers their pain in their everyday life.

For instance, I believe Beyoncé’s intentions have always been to inspire you to believe that there is something bigger driving you.

Not something like the Illuminati, but you higher-self. Not god. You.

She alludes to this in the very album she is promoting right now, too.

That bigger part of you, always poking through the darkness?

That’s something real, and it has a scientific term: Physis.

In a peer-reviewed scientific journal called Transactional Analysis, Ken Mellor wrote that Physis is,

“Some force that drives people to grow, progress, and do better”(Mellor, 2017).

This force is used to help psychiatrists and therapists understand why certain people are motivated to do certain things with their lives.

This author suggests that there are connections between Physis and the term Life Force Energy, as described in Eastern traditions.
Mellor goes on to say that it is also,

“The growth force of nature which eternally strives to make things grow and to make growing things more perfect…

Physis is the source of our internal thrust to challenge acquiescence, to explore different ways of doing and being, to have aspirations, and to develop our full potential” (Mellor, 2017)

When you dwell on your problems you are missing out on your own divinity. You are diminishing you human powers of creation and self-organization.

Mellor discovered that when his research subjects changed the way they focused their minds, they saw physical changes in their senses, feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

He points to several pieces of literature that describe this form of personal development.
He even alludes to the fact that it may be considered as a form of spiritual awakening.

He said this because there are connections with this level of consciousness and Eastern forms of religion and spirituality.

Cultures that incorporate activities like Yoga and acupuncture into their daily lives, also base their entire reality on the ideas we consider to New Age.
I think its cool that on our side of the world, we think of this force as an entirely new dimension of reality.

Mellor calls it an existential state, not a something we experience per se.

Similar to forces of nature, we are influenced by Life Force whether we notice it or not.
Basically, when we focus on the positive aspects of life, we tend to sharpen our senses.

When you sharpen your senses, you can feel this dimension like gravity.

Mellor says,

“Life…underlies everything [and] prompts union, vastness, love, joy, creativity, infinity, the void, completion, and wholeness: all saturated with a sense of presence, eternity, and transcendence” (Mellor, 2017).

Life as a dimension also represents your higher self.

That’s why conversations about who represents Africa better, is arbitrary when you start focusing on life itself.
You begin to realize that there’s a part of you that just is.

That I-AM part of you came from this dimension of life that cannot do anything, but grow, love, and keep living.

Your I-AM is the core of your being according to Mellor. He says it first arose from,

“Consciousness out of the unfathomable infinity…” (Mellor, 2017).

You know its there because your senses and emotions. Your life is based on your feelings, how you smell, taste, and hear.
Those are not your only senses because there’s touch and other aspects of neurology that we are still uncovering.

It's why scientists lump this aspect of your humanity into the term Life Force or Physis.

It's seemingly a never-ending source of power, and when you draw attention to it, it can even help heal some pain and anxiety.

You can harness your Life Force Energy by realizing that you exist in the extra dimensions of Life.
You have to do this because life is a two-way street. The more you notice it, the more health and well-being flow back to you.

It’s like you have the ability to download your essence at any time. That state of “balance, strength, and expanded consciousness” locked deep inside of you at all times (Mellor, 2017).

Mellor suggests that when downloading your essence, you activate your body’s natural digestive process.
That helps you work through past traumas and other emotions that are holding you back mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Simply put, you can release restrictive energies by focusing on Life Force Energy. In other words, people are constantly calling on their ancestors.

That is another example Mellor pointed out by our natural ability to “draw on the wisdom of years of human evolution [which] act with breathtaking acuity” (Mellor, 2017).

So how do you do this?

Well, you do it through constantly scanning body and senses with your mind. When you practice mindfulness you naturally activate spiritual unfoldment (a topic we have talked about many times).

We are seeing though various research studies that spiritual unfoldment is a natural human process.

I personally believe you either go through it voluntarily and slowly over your life, or you realize its value on your deathbed.

Other cultures around the world have built mindfulness into their daily lives through Hinduism and yoga.

So, Mellor touts some benefits of mindfulness that he has witnessed over the course of his career:

  1. Overall happiness
  2. Physical ease
  3. The ability to resolve unfinished business
  4. Greater self-confience and empowerment
  5. Emotional intelligence and sustained balance
  6. Clearer thoughts and less confusion
  7. Increased ability to process emotions (positive and negative)

**You can start doing this by taking ten seconds out of a few moments in your day to be present.

He says that you can make up your own rules, but just make sure that you can stick to your own routine.

Just like how sometimes people pray, you can bring your attention to your physical senses and what’s happening in the present moment.

The easiest ways to incorporate mindfulness are during the moments when you call somebody on the phone. Take the few moments before they pick up to acknowledge that I-AM part of you.
You can do this before you eat or while you wait for a red light to change.

It doesn’t matter where you are. Do a full body scan.

Check every single part of your body with your senses. Inside and out. You should imagine what you look like on the inside.

Practice accepting that your awareness can move to different parts of your body. Then move your awareness to the outside of you.

You should be doing all of this quickly. It's not quite meditation because you are not dedicating your entire awareness in this moment.

You are acknowledging your I-AM presence. If you already practice this form of mindfulness, you can graduate to scanning your emotions and reactions to other people.

Start paying attention to how your sensations change in different situations. For the pros, you can start analyzing entire life events.

So, in conclusion

Shifting your definition of Life can have lasting impacts on your happiness. You are conditioned to focus on fixing problems in your life, but what happens when you redefine life as an entirely separate template of our reality?

Issues like the one's you have with Beyoncé start to seem small in comparison with your ability to self-regenerate.

What are your thoughts? email me:


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