Pelosi Wants Trump In Prison

The US Congress agrees to move forward with uncovering crimes committed within the Trump Administration.  US House of Representatives Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has stated in private that President Trump should be in prison, as a result.

CNN reports the Speaker is using this new strong wording as a tactic to satisfy the needs and desires of her constituents.  It doesn't really matter why she said it; I think its brilliant.

Never have I ever seen this kind of rhetoric come out of Washington D.C.  Pelosi stated,

I don't want to see him impeached.  I want to see him in prison.

Since the statement was aired on CNN, Pelosi has clarified her stance.  She is working hard to bring justice to the American people.  

Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded weeks ago that Russia illegally interfered in the US elections and obstructed the investigation of that matter.  The fact is, American's are actually to blame for not being smarter, but that is another discussion.

I would say that a lot of American believe Trump not only launders Russian mob money, he was given the presidency for his efforts.  Every single person who defends him is implicated, too.

The New York Times has written countless investigative article detailing The Trump Family and associates' crimes for a while.  For more information:

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