3 Simple Habits Will Help You Read More

You knew exactly what Jay-Z meant when he said gentrify your own hood.  Rappers say all kinds of things that don’t make sense.  You decided to be obtuse on the matter because you are a clout chaser.


Sometimes, it’s easier to get attention if you appeal to the anger of strangers. You will mostly always get a response.

But what you fail to realize is that, Jay-z used the same part of speech your mom uses when she tells you to go look for the “thing, in the back”.

After you ask the universe why she chose to communicate with you in such a manner, you promptly go pull out the bright blue tool box in the back of the largest container in the garage filled with a stench of gasoline.

Look, you already know your brain is a collection of cells. Each cell carries electrical signals that are constantly moving through out your body. Kind of like a MacBook, that movement of signals is essentially your brain performing mathematical equations.

Last week on Center of the Sun, we talked about these neural signals and this concept is just as new to me as it is to you.

I am your host D’Vaughn, welcome!

This episode is part two of my deep dive into how humans create a personal atmosphere around them. As some people call it an Aura or Life Force, this is a American cultural phenomenon only because you are routinely discouraged from connecting with your bodies. Mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, etc.

You are a light in a sea of darkness. Each cell in your body is your crew. By grasping modern science, ancient wisdom, and your own imagination, can help fend off even the most of the preventable threats to your health.

So, why am I sharing this with you? I am trying to engage in personal development, but I am tired of the spiritual spin. I don’t give a fuck about aliens or illuminati. I give a fuck about me and you. Real humans. With real feelings, aspirations, and desires.

Those things make the world go ‘round. Not this constant focus on who is the most popular (good or bad). How do those popular people encourage you to use your imagination?

Everyone is trying to be the smartest person in the room, they forget that all this information is verifiable.

You are mistaken in your belief that your spirit is something separate or external to you. But what I am sharing with you, is not new.

No one has invented anything. No pastor religious leader is even remotely close at describing and defining the soul or the spirit.

Basically every time, I look closely at new ideas, I quickly find out that everything is recycled. Every idea is open source, in a sense.

In my mind, all this spirituality research is nonsense if not properly defined and verified through some modern process. You have been led to believe that humans were created by a white man who calls himself god. We have also been led to believe that we are nothing more than an evolved monkey.
Both of those ideas are wrong as fuck.

Your consciousness is what sets you a part from the rest of the animals on the planet. No number of gene splicing will make you better than anyone else. The way you choose to think is the best way to be a better person.

That choice comes directly from your willingness to learn. This process of Soul Development and it is a series of steps you must take as an individual that will allow you share that consciousness with others. I have also called this process the Esoteric Energy System.

By understanding and sharing your ideas, memories, hopes, and feelings, etc. others are inspired to share theirs too. That will set off a chain reaction to free everyone from this matrix of culture and media because we will be actively creating our own.

Which is just a reflection of our inner world, our minds. When you know yourself, no one can hurt you. Do you ever wonder why children are so routinely abused? They are often told to be less human in an effort to decrease a parent’s stress.

Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of products I could sell you. There are plenty of celebrities to talk about, but I will leave that to the experts. That’s not shade. Pop culture sharing is not the purpose of dvaughn.org or Center of the Sun podcast.

The purpose of this show and any other projects of mine, will always be to provide information to the most vulnerable people in our population. That is so they can make the best decisions possible—for free.

Your time will never be exchanged for money. I only ask but for a bit of your concentration. A part of your consciousness. How will you decide how much to exchange with me? Well I can’t ask you to give me a piece of yourself without you first recognizing and maximizing your own potential.

You can’t decide to fuck with me if you don’t have the context. Full context.

The context is that your brain is just a part of your nervous system. You already knew that, but I don’t think you understand the context:
I want to give you a mental picture. I want you to imagine the inventor of the radio Nikola Tesla. He’s in a small candle lit room crying because he just figured out that by wrapping something in inorganic over something organic—like copper wire over hunk of iron—does ‘something’ we cannot necessarily see with our eyes.

Remember last week, we talked about how the brain uses data from the environment to create a model of what is truly there? Well, that is why I had to make a part two. Just because our bodies limit our ability to see the energy does not mean we are not a part of it.

Energy in form of heat or charge is created when we think, too. Tesla found out that he doesn’t even need to string a wire like a telephone pole for energy to transfer. The invention of the radio told us that energy jumps to where its supposed to be.

Now, fast forward to today and you worked for three years at Arby’s trying to save up a few thousand dollars for a shiny new MacBook.

You open that bitch up faster than a new email from beyonce.com giving you recycled songs from three years ago. Only to realize that it is useless without internet.

You can’t check your emails, watch porn, or get on Twitter without WIFI. You can type papers for class and manually transfer information, but without internet, your MacBook is just a bunch of microscopic crystals placed next to a bunch of metal wires.

So, what do you do next? You call Spectrum and flirt with the man that comes to install your new internet. He’s all sweaty when he gets to your door because its 80 degrees outside. You wrestle with asking him if he’d like some water. He’s in your house, alone with you, he has locks because he’s dark skin and has a tight curl pattern.

Your emotions start rising, but you can keep your cool. You’re professional.

He none the wiser as explains to you that when you are home, you connect your computer to the internet with a certain WIFI password.

He says, “Don’t share that password with other people because they can download all kind of illegal stuff that you will get in trouble for”. He goes on to say, “Now once you step outside of your WIFI, you have to find another source of the internet.” But you already know that you have to use your phone to connect or find a free WIFI hotspot.
What you failed to realize in that moment was that this man was explaining to you how your body and mind are separate, but reliant on each other.

You are not simply an evolved monkey because a monkey doesn’t have the consciousness of humans. Can this change? Maybe. But for right now, our minds make up supreme.

Just like that Specturm maintainece man was trying to explain: your body is MacBook. Your soul is the internet. The two connect via WIFI.

This is the best that I can explain it. Our nervous system allows inorganic mind to wrap our our organic body. Your nervous system is the copper wire.

Ok. I am going to stop for today because there is all kinds of science around genes that I don’t think will add to the conversation. But I will leave you with some practice advice for making sure your mind and body stay balanced.

Basically, make sure you are doing the opposite of what everyone else thinks is popular. Is religion popular? Then start expanding your imagination encompass different kinds of Gods.

Is sex popular? Well, start focusing your sexual energy into a creative project.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself is to consume the imaginations of other people. But the only way to do that is through reading. TV and movies are cool, but the improper parts of brain are activated. You want to build habits around reading, so that you can increase your knowledge with the least number of barriers.

Reading paper books is not a popular as it used to be with the internet. I feel like people would read more, if they could read and comprehend what they read faster. Like most good things, you have practice and wait.

No money can buy you a fast track to higher forms of thinking, you must put in the work. Here are three ways that you use to read more books:

    1. Set a small actionable goal
      • a. Read a page a day for two weeks, then increase.
    1. Reroute impulses
      • a. You may have to force yourself to check social media through structured behavioral changes
        • i. Check social media only on one device
            1. Not on your personal cell phone
        • ii. Check social media at certain scheduled times
        • iii. What is your plan to deal with impulses?
            1. Experts say pick up a physical book. Not news, but something with new ideas attached.
    1. Mix it up
      • a. If reading is not your favorite leisure activity, you can remedy your boredom by reading a bunch of different books, then sees what sticks.
        • i. You want a feeling of excited and anticipation. Once you find that, you found the right book
        • ii. Keep reading in short increments until you find the right book, then go IN!

So to wrap up, I am telling you that you lack imagination. Not because you hate science fiction, but because you devalue your ability to create mental pictures. You don’t thin its important because everything you have been taught makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense to you is the amount of division there is in the world. What doesn’t make sense is how much you talk to yourself.

What doesn’t make sense is how much God doesn’t help you, but makes you feel really good everyother time. That is because you have never been told that you are not your body. You are not even just your mind. You are something far greater. The only way to find out who you are is to expand your imagination.

I said at the top of the show that all of this information is verifiable by looking at various time in history humans have said this same thing.
In the industrial age, we have been forced to value money over lives. But this is a new age, where money, human potential, and energy are balanced. In the new age, humans have figured out how to have our cake and eat it.

The more information you can bring to the forefront of your consciousness, the closer you are to spirit. Period. That’s it.

When you close your eyes and picture something beautiful, its most likely because you are recalling a memory.

Imagination works the same way. When you close your eyes and imagine something that never existed, you are peering into yourself. You are looking at yourself.

The only connection the body has with the mind is through imagination. Everything we have a species started as an idea. Therefore, it can all be reimagined.

There are humans that understand these facts about human consciousness. Why do you think we are inundated with supernatural shit? Its because more and more people are recognizing that their minds are powerful.

Your ideas are potent. They may be the most potent form of energy out there. Its life energy. Its what creates your aura and it amplified by crystals.

So, yes it all starts with practicing your reading. Everyday for thirty minutes is great place to start expanding your mind. Once you do this, you may end up being the next Jay-Z, but for spirituality.

You are listening to Center of the Sun podcast. Thank you for listening. Take care!

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