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Why his blood looks like strawberry milk?

The other day I dead ass met a hypochondriac; I asked him if he wanted to die.


The other day I dead ass met a hypochondriac; I asked him if he wanted to die. This was mainly because his nurse told me not tell him that he had fucking animal fat suspended in his blood. Chylous. Yeah, when you eat too much dairy or too many French fries, I can see that shit in your blood. It looks like strawberry milk. I know your heart is racing. Mine is too.

Welcome to Center of the Sun. I am your host Natural D’Vaughn

I asked him flat out. Do you want to die? Well not flat out I guess, but when someone proclaims loudly that, “I am going to die” when clearly they are a young and healthy HIV negative black man. Sir, you are not going to die. Unless, you want die, in which case, I need to inform your doctor.

He yelled back pretty quickly. With a firm no. And a confused look on his face. Ok then! Stop saying you are going to fucking die. His nurse was shocked too. But she will be the one dealing with his franctic anxious phone calls about dying. Like girl what?

I said Ok then, stop speaking it into existence. Speak life over your existence. After all it’s a privilege to be a human. You want will live to 110! I just saw a little old white man bagging groceries on the news with his strong ass hands. Your body is fucking resilient. Act like it. So dying is actually a hard task, for the everyday being. But I have seen men with zero immune cells come back to life. So buck up!

Luckily, I have built rapport with my patients, so when I ask them hard questions, they know it is not coming from a place of malice. He left the appointment saying that I was a good man. I knew that already lol. But my hope was that he left my clinic with an understanding of the power of his own voice. Your vocal cords literally make sound because they vibrate. It all sounds so basic to us because we live inside our bodies. What you don’t understand is the connection between the voice and the body.

Read: How do vocal folds work?

Our vocal cords make sound because they vibrate inside our larynx. I want you to imagine what this vibration may look like. Sound waves like waves in a pond after you failed to skip a stone properly. Like the reed on Squidward’s clarinet. You pass air over the vocal folds and vibrations are created. Those can be heard by other people. The tighter your vocal cords, the higher the frequency of the waves it creates in the air.

Those sound waves traveling through the air also end up running through your body.

Who’s to say…if you say you are going to die enough times, why wouldn’t your body be believing it? There is another article I want to point you. It demonstrates how the brain encodes vibrations from our environment.

Scientist have reported in Nature journal an experiment with observing the brain activity of certain mice. They found that when they send vibrations across the paws of mice, their brains reacted to some vibrations more than others.

This experiment found that some neurons are tuned to pick up specific signals. When they began playing with audible sound and vibrations, they found that mice brains did not perceive sound and vibration differently. Whether you heard the sound or just felt the wave, your brain encoded the data the same. Basically, you body listens to things through the auditory cortex. Vibrations are encoded in this cortex. In addition to the what is felt.

Basically, it doesn’t matter where the vibration is coming from, all vibrations are encoded the same way.

I always get excited when I learn something new, but it quickly dissipates when I realize I have been lied to my entire life.

Christianity would have you thing that you are a piece of shit. Oh lord. I am a wretched sinner without any outlook on the future. Woah is me.

But Jesus, you are a fucking antenna. You respond to signals in the environment because you are supposed to feel. Your brain is collecting data. Its like a system through which electricity flows. Your power is is that. Your energy is always potential.

Look here, that stinky ass dude who sat in the back of hot summer classroom in high school always said that we would never use any of this science information. He was right.

Besides learning how to critically think, most of that shit we learned back then was nonsense. At my big age of thirty, it is starting to piss me the fuck off when I think about all the untangling I have to do inside my precious little brain. All these stale ass, backwards ass, toxic ass, radio active ass ideas rolling around, have done nothing but make sure that I question everything I know to be actually true.
Who am I? What is my purpose? When I wake up in the morning, what mechanism ensures that I do so everyday, at the same time. Why do I feel a chill down my spine when I feel happy? Why do I get goosebumps when I feel scared? Or cold?

Am I interpreting a signal from my environment? Much like an elephant can hear and feel danger galloping through the ground? Why do I feel like I am the only coming to this realization. There are real implications for realizing who you are.

What is our reality? Is there other evidence of electricity as an explanation in nature? Well yes…yes there is. Right in front of our goddamn faces.

First of all. We have two poles on our planet. North and South. Because of that our planet is magnetic. We focus this electromagnetic energy to power our homes and computers.

Moving farther into space, you ever heard the theory that space is expanding?

After the big bang, scientists believe that space was immediately really hot and really dense.
So hot and dense that everything must be glowing. Because these waves of light keep extending into infinity, so must our universe.

Well, the only wrong with this assumption is that light is not a wave or a particle.

The worst assumption science has made is that we actually have observed light. On youtube there is a very smart man named Kenneth Wheeler who is convinced that particle theory is nothing more than a modern day cult. He asserts on his youtube channel that Nikola Tesla was actually the only scientist remotely close to understanding the true nature of our universe.

Wheeler explains on his youtube channel that light is merely a byproduct of electricity moving through ether.

Because I have no formal back ground in electirical engineering, I have no idea what the fuck he is talking about. I am most concerned with his assertion that no human has ever observed light. No scientist has ever observed a particle of any kind as accepted by every human on this planet.

Why have atoms and protons, and gluons, and neutrons been forced on us as truth?

Its like when you these companies are trying to introduce us to new antidepressants claim that they have no idea how the brain chemistry works. You’ve taken the pharmaceutical company’s word for it. I’ve swallowed a few of those pills trying to find a way to feel like I am a part of this insane and sex depraved culture. I feel abnormal because the shit is abnormal. Why can’t I trust shit?

Wheeler is right. No human has observed anything we accept as truth.

So how do we pick up the pieces and move forward with understanding how you and I are alive. What is our purpose? And how do we go about fulfilling that purpose?

We I think understanding how the soul works is a great place to start. So, here it is. The soul is a signal in its entirety that is trapped by our physical form. We manifest our souls’ purpose through personality. This personality reveals itself through an iterative process. That iterative process is consciousness.

Now right off the bat, I have hella questions. By what or by whom is this signal broadcast?

Ok, now we have think about magnetism. Who invented the radio? Who invented the fluorescent lightbulb? Nikola Tesla. Fucking PBS has a whole fucking section about his inventions. American did not invent shit but the lies we are trying to dismantle today.

Magnets as we know create a field around them. You can feel it when you get close to one. Or if you put two magnets together on the same side, they will oppose each other. This is common sense. This is how all of this works.

Now imagine that same field also immanating around you. Everything is a vibration right? Well, then everything also must have a field. The interaction between fields creates lights. Just like when you stand in the sun, you body creates a shadow. The shadow is not a thing, it is merely a byproduct of electricity.

Like bitch. Our world is crashing down in a good way. I don’t care what the truth is per se. I just want to know the truth. Give it to me straight.

Now back to the big bang. Scientists cannot prove that we are not in the center of the universe. By observing background microwave raditation, we actually have proven that the universe has poles. Just like the planet. Just magnets. Just like us. (male and female).

Do you see the pattern… all of this is verifiable. We nothing more than a fraction of nature. What we observe in our bodies can be observed in our environment and in the universe at large.

So, on Center of the Sun, the soul is the total signal. Your body is tuned through you DNA to pick up a specific signal. That voice in your head is actually a voice coming from somewhere. That signal is conscious and it wants to interact with the physical plane. So it learns. The other humans around it provide protection so the soul can learn how to create.

The soul tunes to the body and uses the hands to create. Right now, we forget the role of the soul. We are worshipping our physical bodies to the point that we forget that we are in an iterative process. You must keep learning.

What does this process look like? Well its all about signal flow. The chakras are the centers through which that signal flows. The first step is identify with the soul. You are a part of a larger whole. You are a member of a kingdom. You are not-self.
During the second step, you will start to think of yourself as that Ego. Or the one in control of the physical body. Lastly, you will realize that you are not an angel or a man, but an essence or spirit, or signal broadcast across the background microwave radiation.

The purpose of the soul seems to be movement, first and foremost. There are always new conditions through which you must find your way. Founder of secret Energy, Sevan Bomar said on his youtube channel recently, that this process is extremely slow. Like some people don’t even learn true breathwork for about 40 years.

I feel bad for them because I feel I am tuned in. I always have. Which is why I have always felt different. If you feel like that, you may just be tuned in, but without context.

So I want to conclude with some context:

We know that light illuminates. But we also know that we have observed patterns in space that support field theory or the fact that everything is a vibration, has magnetism or is an electrical signal to some degree.

Light…which illuminates (but has never actually be observed) is a byproduct of disturbances in electromagnetic fields observed by modern scientists.

In essence we can create light by transferring electricity. We can illuminate others by educating them and transferring signals between each other.

Earlier, I said that human should think of themselves as an antenna. Well, I guess I was wrong. We need to start considering ourselves as a complex system that can communicate in more than one way.

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Thank you for listening.

Take care

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