Terrance Howard Keeps Talking About Gravity And This is Why

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Today, we are opening the doors to new scientific discoveries about how your universe works.

You don’t know who’s right:

Albert Einstein with his crazy grey hair, telling you that nothing is faster than light. He is responsible for most of our assumptions about space.

Actor, Terrance Howard who I stumbled upon on YouTube making skype call while he's talking about the same shit we have been for the past year.

Or how about physicists across the world who have, since 2014, been calling into question the quantum theories that you learned as a child.

Your universe is not only primarily composed of atoms and neutrons and a bunch of other shit that makes no sense.


Nikola Tesla who apparently has been right this entire time. Even though he and Einstein were peers.

Right now, you’re in a place that is good for you.

Your world is constructed in a way that maximizes your comfort. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Focus on your Youniverse (i.e. home, finances, job, etc.), has allowed you to accomplish major goals.

Also, you are in position to set new goals to continue your success.

Don’t forget social constructions have their limits. You are the creator.

You possess all the potential energy necessary for your survival.


You have chosen to see your past (despite shortcomings), as inspiration for future decisions.

Past mistakes do have a lasting effect on future outcomes, but it is better to recognize the freedom you gained from charting your own course.

You grew as a man, by observing instead of reacting.

When mental clarity and balance are the result, was it really a mistake?

Hindsight is 20/20, but you can be confident in the future, too.

Expect love affairs in the future. Expect more freedom and control.


Expect protest and pushing. You have the discretion to engage or flee.

Either will suffice, but it will be better to walk away. The horizon looks serene.
Go there. Its fertile.

Why is Terrance Howard wading into physics? (part 1)

I haven’t watched him on TV for so long that I don’t remember his personality.

Obviously, that is not his personality, he is a nerd just like you.

I used to watch YouTube videos of people channeling aliens.


I stopped because that shit is real, and I got scared at that time.

Shit is that I watched is becoming true, so I tried to go back to the source.

Global warming
Politics leading to positive changes for humans.
Stop being hysterical
Being human is super lit
That shit no longer exists.

Literally, combed through my browser history to find the site and content removed for unspecified reasons.

They were a couple, so drama is most likely.

I had bad vibes though.

I have evolved on the matter, par for the course.

But there is the lingering issue of a solar event in 2020. No one seems to understand what is coming and whether or not it will impact our daily lives.

Some say its purely spiritual. Other shamans say that we must be physically fit in order to not suffer negative effects.

A solar event will must likely be caused by solar winds or bursts of material ejected from the sun toward the earth.

Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics published an article last year describing new ways that scientists are beginning to measure a region right outside Earth’s atmosphere called the magnetosphere.

This is what I found Terrance Howard talking about the other day on YouTube.

But there are a few terms that I needed to define before I could understand what the fuck he was telling me.

Vocabulary as defined by Oxford Dictionary of Physics:

"Harmonics: An oscillation having a frequency that is a simple multiple of a fundamental singusoidal oscillation.

The fundamental frequency of a sinusoidal oscillation is usually called the first harmonic.


The second harmonic has a frequency twice that of the fundamental and so on. A taut string or column of air, as in a violin or organ, will sound upper harmonics at the same time as the fundamental sounds.

This is because the string or column of air divides itself into sections, each section then vibrating as if it were a whole.

The upper harmonics are also called overtones, but the second harmonic is the first overtone, and so on.

Musicians, however, often regard harmonic and overtone as synonymous, not counting the fundamental as a harmonic.

Magnetsphere: A comet-shaped region surrounding the earth and other magnetic planets in which the charged particles of the solar wind are controlled by the planet’s magnetic field rather than the sun’s magnetic field.


It extends for some 60 000 km on the side facing the sun but on the opposite side it extends to a much greater extent.

The boundary of the magnetosphere is known as the magnetopause.

The magnetosphere of the earth includes the Van Allen belts.

The detailed arrangements of magnetospheres are different in each magnetic planet.

Magnetic dipole: Two equal and opposite charges that are separated by a distance.

The dipole moment is the product of either charge and the distance between them.

Some molecules behave as dipoles and measurement of the dipole moments can often provide information regarding the configuration of the molecule.

An aerial commonly used for frequencies below 30 megahertz. It consists of a horizontal rod, fed or tapped at its centre. It may be half a wavelength or a full wavelength long.


The interaction of two systems, such as atoms or molecules, by their dipole moments. The energy of dipole–dipole interaction depends on the relative orientation and the strength of the dipoles and how far apart they are.

A water molecule has a permanent dipole moment, thus causing a dipole–dipole interaction if two water molecules are near each other.

Although isolated atoms do not have permanent dipole moments, a dipole moment can be induced by the presence of another atom near it, thus leading to induced dipole–dipole interactions. Dipole–dipoleinteractions are responsible for van der Waals’ forces and surface tension in liquid."

So if we’re talking about magnetic dipoles there is huge implication: everything is made of something. Our current understanding of space is that is void and a vaccum. No particles.


No water.
No magnetic dipoles.

The dictionary continues...
Confocal paraboloids: Some other kind of shape I cannot even find in the dictionary. This is what scientists currently believe is the explanation of our planets formation and subsequent protection from solar winds.

"Solar winds: A continuous outward flow of charged particles, mostly protons and electrons, from the sun’s corona into interplanetary space. The particles are controlled by the sun’s magnetic field and are able to escape from the sun’s gravitational field because of their high thermal energy. The average velocity of the particles in the vicinity of the earth is about 450 km s−1 and their density at this range is about 8×106 protons per cubic metrics".

I Personally Believe There are Other Beings

Its weird, but I have been doing some divination and I feel pretty confident. I might be crazy, but even Terrance Howard is excited for some reason.

The stuff I find weird is actually becoming more mainstream. Even science is social construction.

Its fun to think about other beings and solar systems. How planets are formed or not formed.


In the YouTube video of actor Terrance Howard on skype call talking about new theories about planets are formed, he discusses all this magnetosphere stuff.

Since, 2014, the large particle colliders in Europe have unfortunately shaken up Albert Einstein’s theories of how your reality was created.

In the article about the magnetosphere, the main takeaway was that cores of planets are not necessary for them to form surfaces like the ones we see in our solar system. Terrance Howard is happening to be making videos about the same topic.

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