The Best Detox Cleanse

When was the last time you felt completely overwhelmed when your favorite beauty blogger told you to chug apple cider vinegar?

There’s something counterintuitive that happens in your brain when that happens: Confusion, disgust, and shame. Apple cider vinegar is brown and its smell will crinkle your face immediately.

There’s a fungus at the bottom of the jar if you buy it organic. Its quite heathy for you when you put in food. But chugging a shot? No thanks!

Those same beauty bloggers will insert ads for their wrinkle supplements right after they tell you. It’s the biggest conspiracy on social media.

All jokes aside, have you ever considered the negative impact a cleanse like that could have on your body? You tried putting acids in your already acidic stomach because it is suggested to cleanse the body.
Next time, you should think twice. Next time, you will have the most complete information regarding the healthiest way to detoxify—and cleanse every single one of your cells.

The process of finding health is not as complicated as you are making it. You are probably gathering information, using Google and YouTube as a starting point.

Typing as fast as you can. Jumping from blog to blog. From search engine, to free trial, then to a course that only tries to sell you more shit.

Your biggest obstacle is constantly running into contradictions and confusion

Even if you found the right information, you still don’t know which ones you should implement immediately or save for a time when you really need it. In the winter, when your nose is running for weeks, there are not enough Puffs tissues. Therefore, your body may require a different approach.

There is a detox cleanse process that is already happening in the body

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You can stop gagging on kombucha, now. If you truly believe that you can control your own destiny, then the fate of your health is depends on you understanding more than modern science.
You need to understand that true threats to your health are largely environmental. Ancient wisdom informs us a great deal on the matter.

Based on that fact, you are right to assume that extra steps must be taken to maintain a healthy body, but those steps are individually iterative and cannot be bought with money.

The natural biological processes you need to clean out the body happen during what scientists call Autophagy. Last week on Center of the Sun podcast, we discussed what happens to your body when you do nothing.

Literally, restrict how much food you eat—and when. This leads to all kinds of changes in the body.

One of the most important things to know about Autophagy is that it forces your body to detoxify and cleanse on its own. Purging waste to reduce the size of each cell. Yes, it is as uncomfortable as it seems at first.

Each cell is made with the healthy fat we get from plants. When we eat too many carbs and sugar, it makes it harder for our cells to stay healthy. They tend to let toxins in more often.
That’s why taking synthetic supplements is a scam, unless you are truly nutrient deficient and do the research beforehand. Autophagy is the best detox cleanse because your body recycles its nutrients to regenerate new healthy cells.

Your pee is fluorescent because you don’t need a Centrum. You need to sit down and practice some fine hand movements. We’ll come back to that later.

To review what the fuck I am talking about, this process is broken down into three types:

  1. Macro Autophagy—the most common form and is when your cellular waste is disposed in bulk.
  2. Chaperone Mediated Autophagy—This process happens less frequently and is associated with the recycling of certain proteins.
  3. Micro Autophagy—Happens closer to the recycling site so it requires less energy from the cell.

Last week, I described that these biological processes are nuanced. That is the beauty of the human body, autophagy seems to be regulated in some magic way.

Research is behind, so you know basically nothing. That’s OK. You don’t really have to think about activating or deactivating certain processes in your body.

It all happens automatically. That is because there are ways the immune system turns-off these processes—to ensure our survival.

That’s why it’s the best. It is not your job to pick and choose how your body will work. To find the best detox cleanse, just live.

You know your body the best, so when you are looking into diets like last week’s topic—Time Restricted Eating, like when your doctor tells you fast before bloodwork.

You should understand that you never have to engage in extreme trends. Ease into health if this is new to you.

Mechanisms of disease

Like I said earlier, your body recycles nutrients to make new healthy cells. Also, cells are made with fat.

The next time you go to Chipotle, you should get the veggie bowl so you can get the guacamole.
Not only is that meat too damn spicy, you want healthy fats from plants, not from animals.

Coconut oil is good for your skin. Some nutritionists tout plant-based oils like it.

Fried potatoes are great with coconut oil. You can help support the production of healthy cells in your body by decreasing sugar and increasing plant based healthy fats.

Combine a healthy diet with time restricted eating, and you will likely live to 110 easily. Its easy because you help your body do what its meant to do.

On the flip side, I hear people talk about cancer all the time. Cancer happens when your body cannot complete its detox and cleansing processes on a regular basis. We eat at least three meals a day, the process autophagy basically never happens.

Certain religions practice this all the time. Fasting as a ritual is an excellent way to help you live longer. Now, ancient wisdom and modern science are beginning to agree on this topic.

We have all this evidence, but why haven’t you made the necessary life changes? How has your fear stopped you from acting already?
The hormonal response that our body uses in response to fear (aka fight or flight) is a great place to start. That is because the front part of our brain, also called the Frontal Lobe is the most lit part.

Everything that makes us human, right down to your thumbs, is controlled in this part of the body. Why is your comfort zone guarded better than all the Trump properties across the world?

Well, your soul is being guarded by your personality. That is the simplest answer that I have. You don’t wake up every day and decide to make sweeping changes in your health.

Just like the development of your soul, you must allow yourself to make small changes over time. Consistency over time will provide you the progress you desire.

You remember waking up on your first day of school as a freshman. Then you remember graduating four years later. At no point during your tenure as a student did you stop and realize that every new grade is build upon the one you just finished.

That is exactly how life is. That’s probably why there are twelve grades to begin with. So when you are evaluating the best detox cleanse, you’ll want to remember the iterative process that you have complete.

One step at a time. That is how your brain operates. A researcher at the University of Texas gave a presentation on YouTube a few years ago about how the brain operates.

No only can we preserve the health of our brain over time, we can improve our brain health. So, if you are going to be making all of the changes that impact your physical body, I would suggest keeping attention on your mental health too.

This researcher at the University of Texas, named Sandra Bond Chapman, PhD, looked at the brains of hundreds of patients why they completed several mental activities.

She found that blood flow is the greatest indicater of brain health because all the brain’s food is carried by the blood. Fasting will help detox the blood and the excess sugars and fats are sent to the brain.

Chapman also discovered several easy to implement changes you can make yourself smarter than you already are. She asserts that complex thinking will improve brain function by nearly 12% in hours of making the change.

She has witnessed brain change first hand:

  • Brain Power of One: Focus on one thing and resist the urge to think of something else.
  • Brain Power of Two: Focus on two things that will make the most impact in your day
  • Brain Power of Deep: Study multiple ideas (abstract and concrete) and synthesize them into your own words
  • Brain Power of Less: The brain freezes when it has too much information. With less information, your brain can work faster. So, you can move on quicker to the next task.
  • Brain Power of Innovative Thinking: Your brain is wired for inspiration and connections happen faster when you are inspired.

She goes on to describe that you can add supplemental habits to make your brain healthier by focusing on eating the right amount at the right times; getting the appropriate amount of sleep every day, and aerobic exercise daily.

Many of the habits we picked up as children are terrible for our long-term health because they stress us out for no reason. Multitasking, forcing yourself to memorize information, and never allowing yourself to take a break will age you faster.

You are not a computer. The more your try to be one, you limit your brain’s ability to think deeply. So, the next time you want to detox your body, think about it. Think about what it means for your body and soul.

Then, move on how you contribute to the toxicity of your body. Now that you know extreme changes are not necessary to live a long healthy life, you can use your brain and the excess sugar your sending to it, to find an answer that works best for you.

So let’s recap:

  1. The best detox cleanse can be found within the natural processes in the human body.
  2. This process is kickstarted when you stop eating.
  3. When you stop eating, autophagy occurs, reducing the size of each cell by expelling waste, parasites, and viruses.
  4. When you physical health is together, your brain can thrive.
  5. You can help your brain thrive by focusing on a few tasks that will improve your life each day.
  6. Avoid monotony and trends. Be yourself!!

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