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The Friends And Family You Have Are All You’ve Got

Physicists now know that each planet has an energy that allows us to make images of it. NASA just released an image of the Sun the other day.


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It’s weird seeing grown men cry over Kobe Bryant’s death.  On live TV, full ugly cry, unable to speak.

Commentators, anchors, peers of Kobe Bryant flocked to TV, radio, and social media to express their condolences.

But for some reason, it all feels very inauthentic to me.

I never saw this while he was alive.

Where were his and his daughter’s roses? That’s who I thought they’d cry for: an innocent child.

So why so much praise for Kobe after his death?


Well, death is a part of life.

So, finding ways to cope with the physical aspect is never easy, and I am not even going to try to wade into that landmine.

What about the aspect of Kobe’s death the I have to witness? What about the grieving?

Well, one thing I have learned through all of this tragedy: people really fucked with Kobe.

Like, hard.


Seeing grown men cry on TV is not something that should shock me, but it does.

I guess I am shocked because I never really expected men to feel so deeply for other men in adulthood.

Hell, even gay men put everyone and everything at a distance after sex.


Why is it so odd for me to wrap my mind around the fact that men, or adults in general, have friends?

What Is Your Definition Of A Friend?


Today, I am using the very clear expression of grief on live TV—without caring who is watching—as the benchmark for friendship. (Yes, that was confusing).

I don’t really know why these people were ugly crying so hard over celebrity.


I guess they knew him to some degree…as friends.

If you don't have friends, your family also will also cry when you die, so they can be considered a hybrid of both.


The point seems impossible to find people you barely like after you graduate college.

In any level at school, you are constantly bumping into new people because their circumstances are similar to yours.


You can meet friends without any trouble when you see them every day, have lockers next to them, and engage in extra-curriculars.

Also, time to hang out with these people is another major factor of friendship that diminishes with adulthood.


If your memory serves your right, you maybe didn’t like your friends all that much when you were younger. 0

Sometimes connecting with friends just felt right.


You try to go out and meet new people, but nobody does anything. They just stand around and stare at you, so going out is not very likely.

I think everyone is so fucking awkward because they are lonely too.

You could find work friends, but that gets messy for no reason.

So, what do most people do?

They turn to the internet.

Social media seems to be exposing you to more people across the world, but it is not getting you more friends.

Like people to call or hang out with.


You do seem to be more self-conscious and worried about keeping up with the Jones'. (is that how you spell it?)

This might not be true for everyone, but even if a situation in your life does not have a clear reason for happening unexpectedly, does it mean it lacks value?


Last week, we talked about how numbers both in math class and Numerology have mythology attached to them that can give you evidence of an esoteric energy.

Esoteric means the unknown or hidden.


So, as it relates to Numerology, today I am trying to find a way to explain how numbers are connected to the planets and stars above.

We know through astrology, that the exact time and location of your birth corresponds with a specific position of a planet.


Physicists now know that each planet has an energy that allows us to make images of it. NASA just released an image of the Sun the other day.

Well, we know that no camera could actually take a picture, so how did they get one?



Because energy exists outside of what you can see, feel, hear, taste, and smell.

Scientists use big machines to detect the energy of the planets. That cosmic energy is more important than a few pictures on your smart phone.


To recap:

Numerology is a theoretical framework through which you can analyze the psychosocial structure and function of numbers.

Modern mathematics has similar aims: find the truths about numbers by finding where are no longer patterns


Indian medicine, Christian bible, Islamic traditions all have something rooted in global truths about numbers.

Indian people believe that numbers give us insight into the finite part of our reality.

Number 1 and the Sun

To start, we are going to focus on the father of the Solar system. Also associated with House Leo in Astrology.

According to Indian people who practice Hindu, the Sun represents our consciousness. Our ability to analyze and organize the world.

To be continued....

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