This is Why Collective Consciousness Heals Depression


Do not quote me, but no one really cares about your depression when it does not involve hurting yourself or others.

You can have a whole job interview that can open so many doors for you, but instead of practicing what you are going to say, you spend most of your time panicking.

“Just get over it”, is usually what your father tells you. “Do not be useless” is generally what your mother tells you, but you cannot tell your employer about your depression.

So, to whom do you talk about this kind of stuff?

The feelings of depression do not happen in one event; the symptoms come back, and sometimes it can get so bad that you scare yourself.

Feeling like you have no one to talk to only leads to more isolation and the feelings of hamsters running on wheels in your brain.
This constant cycle of thoughts swirling around in your head only leads to feeling trapped, but inside your own body. You have some ways to make yourself happy, but everything feels…distracting.

Is there a way to distract yourself from the distraction of being unhappy? Is there a way to eliminate unhappiness like Kim Kardashian covers up her sunburn?

Well, you certainly don’t want to spend the rest of your life sweeping these feelings underneath the rug or body make-up. The worst thing about all of this is that you know what will ultimately happen.

You can try your best, but what you do in the dark will come to the light. Just like the fun you have with your friends.
You know what?
The way the internet is set-up, you can’t even really fuck with people like that.
You remember when you felt left out and forgotten by those people you once considered friends.

Even though you miss them, they don’t miss you.

Why do you even try? You wear your anxiety like an eyeliner. Why can’t just one fucking thing work out?

You spend your entire life persevering even though no one ever gave you anything. Sometimes the perseverance seems like it’s all for nothing.

Is it too much to ask for one tiny part of your life to work out? Is it too much to ask for one tiny sliver of happiness?

You know you can’t always get what you want, but do you need to suffer deeply everyday on a fundamental level?

When is it appropriate to break down?

When will your head be clear? Well you know that medical staff must sometimes evaluate mental illness.

If you have the mental capacity to continue listening, I have some information I am going to share with you. Hopefully, by the end of this episode you will,

  1. Help you understand the meaning of the Holographic Theory of Existence from my perspective.
  2. Recognize patterns of social condition manipulation in Nature and humans.
  3. Begin building worlds you want to see by shifting your model of reality.

If you prefer astrology over real life dating, you are not being cute or edgy. Also, spending most of your days trying to convince yourself you will be ok is becoming a bit tiring.

I can hear it in your voice.

You don’t have enough information to live the life you want.

Filling up your day with empty success and achievement doesn’t lead to more happiness. Just when you thought you are getting a little better, you isolated yourself from everybody.

In the process, you lost real friends and whatever social connections you had left. That is why you currently don’t understand why you feel depressed.

I am proposing to you a new way of thinking.

Just like in previous episodes, I have spoken to you about how plants talk to each other.

Author of the book Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton describes his journey to find the true building blocks of life.

Bruce Lipton uncovered hard evidence that DNA, genes, proteins, and general body chemistry do not dictate health.

What dictates health are the same signals plants use to communicate with their surroundings.

The true gag is that Mother Nature doesn’t care what you do on the individual level. Nature cares about what you do in relation to the collective global environment.

I want to direct you to another article this past week called the Heart is not a Pump. You can find this short document on my blog.

What it describes is the fact that the heart does not actually produce enough pressure to push blood to every part of your body. Blood moves through out your body on its own accord.

There are unknown forces that control your body. Your blood moves through your body through a series of swirls and spirals, but there is not source or pressure.


Here is the reality; I believe depression and anxiety stem from a lack of information about your untapped powers (and potential super powers).

This lack of information about who you are, why you are alive, and what you should be doing with your time can be easily corrected.

I want you to consider something: Instead of experiencing your depression as helpless, how about you find out why someone discouraged you from understanding your true self. There is something unique about you, but you must find out what that thing is.

Returning to the book written by Bruce Lipton, by the time scientists figured out that every living creature has different cells and organelles, there was only one commonality between all living creatures.

He found that every single cell on this planet has the same cell membrane made of fat with gates, and channels, and pathways. He discovered that the inside of the cell were the tools, but the cell membrane had conscious qualities.
Nature uses the conscious part of all living creatures to survey herself. This aids in the removal of elements of the environment that are harmful.

Creatures that support the environment, they thrive. On the other hand, organisms that promote destruction don’t. It’s that simple. Is there any confusion as to why humans seem sicker than normal?

It is not because your body and its processes are NOT perfect. Remember: You are a supreme being and you cannot be contained in this physical reality. You are perfect. Nature is perfect. So why so much disease? Disharmony with your environment.

Just like I said earlier, you must shift your model of reality to one that makes more sense. Your fucked-up genes do not cause a chemical imbalance in the brain. In fact, you do not even have fucked up genes.

There are scientists out here that have better and more complete information. Again, you have not been a serious in your quest for the truth.
Here’s some truth for you: Bruce Lipton’s finding were so groundbreaking that he figured out that humans already know the truth about reality on an intuitive level.

Cell membranes are like computer microchips. The same one that is inside of your iPhone right now.

Is it a coincidence that humans model tools after to match our bodies exactly? You use a computer every day, yet you never knew that it’s model of your cells.

Here’s the kicker: everything in the Universe has a crystalline structure. Crystals, metal, and cell membranes all act in a similar way when you look at how their atoms are arranged.

As above, so below. Your body simply works like a computer.

Another reason you want to shift your model of reality (to one that is logical) is because what we consider as science is nothing more than another religion.

You are blind and believing in something you cannot prove for yourself. Medical treatment related to depression is also based on your acceptance of this idea called: materialism.

Some people truly believe that once we find the smallest or fastest things, we can stop asking questions. Just because your reality is built a certain way doesn’t mean you should give up.

Just because you see your reality through a certain lens doesn’t mean that model is correct across the board. When in doubt adjust the lens through which you see the world.
Again, have you ruled out every theory? Is it possible that we live in a holographic universe? Yes.

Even if the information about this subject is meaningless to you, there is still value in knowing more about something. More information can help your brain create new connections.

This will also help you make the best decisions on how to move forward, not less. Explore for a moment Near Death Experiences.

Even if you never had one, wouldn’t it still be beneficial to understand what other people experience? Everyone knows that once your heart, brain, and organs stop working, you are dead.

Think again. Research on bringing people back from the dead suggests that not only can you be brought back; your personality doesn’t change.

It is also widely known that you would have similar experiences to other people who were brought back from the dead.

In the Journal of Parapsychology, author Michael Sudduth, wanted to understand the connection between the brain and the mind. By trying to understand death, he discovered that there was an unknown force that connects the body and the mind.
Another article called the Skeptical Inquirer, author G.M. Woerlee, wanted to figure out why people he brought back from the dead minutes and hours after death all described seeing the same things: tunnels, lights, and darkness.

Well, even though certain things like oxygen starvation explained some near-death experiences, Woerlee discovered that oxygen starvation alone could not be proven as the cause of similar near-death experiences.

That’s because there are a wide range of reasons. If there is a wide range of reasons, it makes sense to keep asking questions.

That’s the point I am trying to make today. Patterns, guides, instructions, and truth are all great ways to organize one’s life.

But if you have depression or anxiety, it may be helpful to ask your doctor, gather standards of care, then consider new information. Instead of being trapped in your body, consider your body as a computer.

Your soul is using your body as a tool in this reality. If your body is the computer, the soul is looking through your eyes, feeling through your skin, and speaking with your voice.

This is how you build the world you want to see. You might have a diagnosed chemical imbalance that requires you to take medication, but think of it as virus protection.

There’s a rhyme and reason for everything in life. It’s your job to discover your uniqueness despite hardship.

Your emotions are a tool and a safety net to make sure you don’t destroy yourself, but you can change the software.

Your personality is basically an app. This is what it means to be a part of a Holographic Reality.

Your soul is controlling a piece of machinery. Your machinery duplicates itself by creating computers, phones, and TVs.

As above so below.

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