New Research: This Is Why You Are Not Happy?

You can’t turn off the glow, and you can’t tell me why.

If you know, then you already know why happiness makes people look better.

You can tell by the look in the smokey-eyes of beauty bloggers that happiness is much deeper than layers of skin.  It seems like the people just sitting there yelling at their pet goats are the truly happy ones.

Speaking of which, there is a noticeable glow when a happy person broadcasts live on social media with their fur baby. You can tell because that glow disappears when Black Chyna’s momma is high on that same social media platform, begging the internet to see her Kardashian grandbaby for the first time.


In fact, the last time you interrupted a happy person, they looked back at you for an apology, snapped their neck back to its original position, and then continued to ignore your sad existence. I hear from sad motherfuckers all the time, it is like water under the bridge.

However, you have the blue hair and the wide set, gouging eyes. You are the troll. You are the manager of that bridge.

When you look at that bridge closely, you notice that it is glowing like a Golden Gate bridge, so you are not mad. Imagine the noticeable glow you get after sex; you thought it was just the messy hair, or wet hands, that made sexual encounters so exciting to think about afterwards.

It is more like the look on your face, after you binge eat a fresh pineapple (or the sex you have after you binge eat that pineapple).

That is why you are obsessed with positive energy, only. You want it as a decoration hanging in your home. Attached like tires on your car. Showing up every day like an unpaid intern at your job.

Moreover, you want to be surround by positive anywhere you can pray for it. Negativity, its evil cousin, is like the dark cloud you see when you might be burning that bacon when you walked away from the stove too soon.
You know, there is a fine line between caramelized and charred bacon.

Your hope is to have perfectly balanced piece of salty, crunchy and savory bacon. Therefore, you allow some burning to occur. The result, even if it is disaster, is worth the risk. The moment you let that bacon grease get too hot, you have a pile of salty bacon bits on your paper towel.

Unfortunately, those are only examples of the ways you seek happiness. You seek happiness based on your body. You seek happiness based on the opinions of others. New evidence from research journals suggests this is not how any of that works.

Smiling with your teeth from ear-to-ear, anticipating the taste of bacon, being on vacation, being courageous enough to tell that handsome, dark skin, 6’4” man that you want to give him oral sex. Those are all examples of how you react to happiness, but those things are not happiness itself.
Nevertheless, from where does happiness and shit come? If a meteor strike destroys everything, who are you deep down? Is that bitch a happy?

You are perfectly within your rights to feel any which way, as long as you do not hurt other people.

Well I know you have a heart-of-gold because you work a minimum of 40 hours a week specifically for your happiness (or your family). You work even harder to make sure happiness remains sewn into the fabric of Birkin Bags and Jeeps—pressed into Fenty Beauty matte powders—and baked into the plastic casing of a Nintendo switch cartridge.

Side note: Yes, I said cartridge because it brings me back to the joy of my childhood (and because I have not played video games since cartridges). However, I am going to share with you new research that suggests that you did not wake up feeling like this.

Society leads you to believe financial successes match one-to-one with how many dollars a person can scrape out of the cold hands of the customers that enter big box stores like a Walmart stampede at Christmas time.

You might think happiness is a switch we can just ask God to turn on. You think this because there is a glow happy people walk around with and flaunt. Well just like New York says when she fake cries, “Issa inner cry, bitch.” Well...there is some inner happiness in there too, bitch.
If you know, you know…

You heard that expression: “fake it…’til you make it!”

What does that even mean? Its Pride Month and you are listening to Center of the Sun!

I am your host D’Vaughn. Thank you for listening! There is this new research I want you all to hear about today.

Old sayings like, “fake it ‘til you make it!” and “look good…feel good” have some new strong scientific evidence supporting them.
I am fortunate to have access to cutting edge science published in private journals.

I have some cool stuff that I want to share with you over the course of our time together. I had to do some serious research to put all these pieces together. So, bear with me.

In addition, I want to remind you: You are a supreme being! At least, that is what I am gathering from hours of watching Sevan Bomar from Secret Energy and of course, YouTube.

Visit for links to what I am sharing with you today.

I make it my mission to build up your understanding of the esoteric energy system—what I believe is the foundation (and savior) of humanity next year.

There’s a lot of hype around 2020. So far you have lived through several doom and gloom panics. What remains true is that it is a good idea to use your resources to be you healthiest and best self.

As a result, you will not only find that you feel better on the inside, you look better on the outside. That’s the point I am trying to make today. It’s neither the opinion of you or I.

That noticeable glow, yeah, the one I mentioned earlier, there’s more to it than anyone has ever told you. I swear… is there a version of foundational science that does not involve these scientists personal beliefs?

Thank you for listening. And thank you for allowing me to give you the facts, today on Center of the Sun
I am going to share with you information that you cannot ignore. It will change your life just by listening to it.

Look, by understanding your own body, and how you interact with the planet, you can become the person of your dreams. Have you stopped to consider that you can even become the person of your dreams?

The benefit to listening to Center of the Sun is that I also have the perspective of research assistant. I want to open your mind to new ideas. We are learning together, so those ideas will change.

What I am trying to tell you is the community you live in is under a crisis of loneliness and you don’t have to fall into the bullshit. You also don’t have to isolate yourself.
Even though everyone around you is selfish, its easy to fall into the same patterns of behavior because that is how the world works. Well, that is not so true anymore.

A newly published study about emotional empathy in a journal called Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical, concluded in 2018 that when humans and animals feel emotions, electricity in can be measured in volts.

First, what the fuck is empathy? This journal states, “Empathy refers to the ability to adequately represent the emotional and mental states of others.”

When someone is crying, you look at them and say, “awwwww you’re so sad awwwww”.

That’s empathy in a nutshell.

In this clinical study, humans were shown images that display different kinds of emotions. Sad faces, crying faces, angry scrunched up faces, cheesy happy faces, etc. Just like you would predict, when you see an emotion, your brain cells start moving and the computers connected to the skin can measure brain activity.]
It’s cool shit, but it’s pretty understandable how this works.

Now, here’s the kicker, in this study there were also times when humans witnessed emotions, described what they were feeling, described experiences in their body, but scientists couldn’t measure anything.

Now think about that for a second. This should be easy. This should be evidence-based. You know it: the brain and human mind are more complex than what you previously thought.

All kinds of researchers keep attempting to understand human emotions, consciousness, and the soul, etc. but keep finding out that they know (literally) nothing…at all.

Ancient people understood some things about this complex system, though. So, all is not lost per se. This system of emotions is called the Esoteric Energy System. Here’s is what you know from ancient wisdom.

Esotericism, is the exploration of the unknown. Periodt

It’s the foundation of duality in society. Up, down. Pearly gates of heaven. Fiery furnace of hell. Black and white. Republican or democrat.
It’s how we build our world to make things easier. So, today is not going to be much different. The ideas we are going explore today are governed by the Law of Cause and Effect. That is the lens through which this will make the most sense.

Send me your questions…

Esotericism is applicable to the life of individuals, communities, the world, or to the immediate conditioning levels of experimental spiritual energies.

So, when you are talking about happiness, it applies to all levels of reality. Today we going to talk about how to start working with happiness (as energy).

For the best understanding on how to condition energy or direct energy in a certain way, you first must grasp two main ideas:

  1. You are a combination of different forces of nature (Three Worlds/Bodies listed above)
    ..1. You inherit DNA, behaviors, culture, language, etc. from our ancestors and the world that existed before us.
  2. The conflict between these three main forces, by being encapsulated in a physical body, is necessary for human evolution.


  • When you ponder this new information, these two main questions pop up for me: Are there additional human forces? Are there higher dimensions?
    ..* Well Ancient wisdom has taught us the following—Human beings can be sensitive to and discerning of all energies.
    ..* Regardless of deeming them good and bad.
    ..* This is necessary to avoid danger.
    ..* No hierarchy exists, but as humans, it helps us understand what perpetuates our existence and what ends our existence.

What do you do now?

Your body should be regarded as a piece of biological machinery because it can be used as a tool of our personality. That’s the difference. We can use our body to direct physical, mental, and emotional energy in a direction of our choosing.

  • Physical forces are mainly automatic in response to external and internal energies.
  • Mental and emotional forces can be focused through the physical body and supports automatic forces in certain activities.
  • Above all, we should be sensitive to the energy coming from our soul. These forces are emanating from higher mental levels (our higher self).
    ..* Our higher-self is directing us to a point of evolution.
    ..-* Our higher-self chose our physical body.
    ..* Our higher-self is seeking a definite point of evolution.
    ..* We then can start to recognize the energy that surrounds us.
    ..* Energy in action
    ..* Not a specific event
    ..* We can use energy around us to manifest our desires if we know how it works
    ..* Not magic or supernatural
    ..* Seems like magic to you because it is symbolic of our inner world
    ..* You’ve been discouraged from exploring your inner world.
    ..* Eventually our perception will max out. We will need cartesian rationalism again to help us continue to understand esoteric energy systems
    ..* Hierarchies may be necessary in some aspects of scientific discovery
    ..* Hierarchy is a form of energy that should be studied
    ..* To work with energy individuals must
    ..* Bring down energy coming from higher sources and ground them.
    ..* In the physical body and surroundings
    ..* Bombs are an example of how we anchor energy and create weapons.
    ..* Subsequently war is an expression.
    ..* Our world is a product of world that existed before us. Because energy can never be created or destroyed, we must recognize the energy that persists from past events.
    ..* There is a way to distinguish between that which is beneficial or harmful
    ..* Work with energy that perpetuates life
    ..* Life is sacred and only certain beings have inherited the necessary components of life.
    ..* Sometimes the building blocks of life are all the individual must work with.
    ..* Shift from working solely with substance and begin discovering aspects of life that may not be as dense.
    ..* Unprincipled substance is necessary to the formation of life. These also can be called qualifying energies because they allow the individual to develop the subtle inner mechanism through which contact can be made with more general and universal aspects of esotericism.
    ..* We can become more powerful if we understand universal energies.
    ..* Some energies’ purposes are to express through form
    ..* To redeem, salvage, and purify humans.
    ..* So that when energy is transferred, it is of the highest order.
    ..* More aligned with your Creator
    ..* Its makes sense why humans are drawn to symbols of safety and survival.
    ..* We all intuitively want to connect with energy that purifies our form.
    ..* Certain human know how these systems work and manipulate us to worship and direct energy to them.

..* Humans can take unprincipled substance and make substance out of it.
..* We have the ability through creativity and spirituality to bring energy from higher sources and ground it
..* Fusion of personality and soul
..* To function freely in the world of meaning
..* Physical body is a tool to do this
..* How to bring down energy from higher sources?
..* All esoteric activity produces light and illumination
..* This is from a ‘higher light’ or higher-self
..* The physical body is the route through which light can be directed.
..* Sonoluminescence—sound waves (force) and water produce light
..* Also, can be called a cosmic intermediary
• A part of the universal ether
..* “We are star stuff”
..* We channel energy from our soul, sun, and planet.
..* Dark light is produced by physical atoms
..* The aggregation of force creates atomic stimulation.
..* That is why we want to focus on the the will of the Soul body, to maximize our light that shines through in the short period of time that we are alive
..* Body is magnetic, Soul is electric
..* Yoga teaches us how to align our spine to maximize this merging of the several forces that produces a qualified energy
..* Creates an inner sun or soul light
..* Let your soul glow
..* This little light of mine
...* We intuitively know our power, but we are told that it is given to us externally
...* We can hold energy steady in the brain
..* The inner light we hold in the brain causes a reaction in the physical body (vibration)

How to start working with happiness as an energy:

Focus on purifying the bodies in which energy centers reside
..Do not focus on awakening or affecting a certain center. They need alignment more so.
This is why Beyoncé keeps telling you to be vegan and do yoga. It doesn’t matter what your energy is if your bodies are fucked up.
You must be obsessed with taking care of yourself.
..* No one’s path is wrong if you are healthy in all aspects
..* Your consciousness is your throne and kingdom

 Seek the light emanating from your own soul. Your soul is your master and one must attend to the immediate needs of your soul.
o No one else is your master. Don’t waste time looking for an external master.
 Do not intend to cultivate psychic powers, instead we must understand what we do see and hear.
o Unlike other animals who have similar power
 Keep Spirituality diary to record:
o Any spiritual experience
• Presence
• Soul (master)
• Non-scientific
o Any illumination or rapid intuitive response or revelation
• Wisdom of the soul
o Any telepathic experiences
• Checked for accuracy
• Fosters a spirit of truth
o Any phenomena of the spiritual or mystical kind
• Seeing the light in the head
• Note brilliance or dimming
• Informed voice of the soul, but not the subconscious
o Any other unexplained psychic phenomenon
• Whether pleasant or unpleasant
 Increased sensitivity is an indication of spiritual growth. One day you will function as your soul.

Scientific experiments have fallen short in proving that the Esoteric Energy system is real either way. What we do know, is that science is pointing to magnetism as the foundation of our reality.

Ancient people have already known this. Intuition has given us answers, but we look to science for proof. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I think it’s kind of cool knowing that ancient people were smarter than us.

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