These 4 Health Benefits Will Convince You To Try Acai Berries

I am laughing at all these handsome men on Twitter who chose to share their experience with eating edibles, seemingly, for the first time on 420--the unofficial national cannibis holiday.

Several people almost called ambulances on themselves because they wanted to take a ride on the wild side of life. When in doubt, don’t call 911.

Yesterday, I chose to have a deep purple, sweet Acai bowl paired with fresh cut fruit. Y’all going to hell for celebrating right before church.

Fortunately, I have some new research that inspired me to find an Acai bowl in my area that was packed with antioxidants, fats, and several other health benefits.

To start off:

Julia Turner, author in The Journal of the American Society on Aging, suggested in her article (with a link on my blog) all the back in 2011, that foods, like Acai, can please your taste buds, protect your brain from Alzheimer's, and slim your waist.

The National Institute of Health describes foods like Acai berries to have health benefits that fight internal rusting which leads to illness and aging.

These kinds of foods contain a natural symphony of chemicals that are vital to the body’s health.

A journal from the American Aging Association, describes Acai berries as a highly nutritious food because of its phytochemicals shown to, “…prevent microbial infections, reduce inflammation, prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases, and promote healthy aging” (Laslo, 1118).

To be honest, that his why cannabis is becoming legal in more states. Plants are the key. Fruits and veggies are the key.

There is no specific amount or formula because everyone’s body is different.
I am happy those twitter dudes took the leap with cannabis yesterday.

Today I am going to tell you what happened inside of your head. I know, I know, you were scared and feel like you can never have an experience like that again.

Rest assured, doctors figured out decades ago that experiences that like those high on cannabis are a gift from your brain.

Basically, you saw yourself. You accidentally pressed on of those f12 keys on the keyboard of your mind and sent your brain into the browser’s development mode.

Just like in the matrix with the green gibberish on the screen, you saw your brains’ code.

Its just completely different that anything you have ever seen before.
You are listening to Center of the Sun. Thank you for listening. I am your host D’Vaughn.

When you decided to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus betwixt the club and 420, you never realized that you would be so hung over. We woke up to tragic news of another little LGBTQ black boy taking his life too soon.

His name was Nigel. Rest in Heaven.
A tragedy like Nigel’s definitely gets me out of the bed and on my path reminding you that you are supreme being. We are in this together. No one is free until we are all free.

I was going to dwell, but I also wanted to make sure you understand how your brain works. Share the information of this podcast with a child.

Maybe the realization that he is a miracle walking will help someone cope with the pain.

Here’s the bottom line:
When Oprah tells you to live in the now, its not because you should forget the past. Its because the past literally doesn’t exist.

Hear me out. Your brain is constantly completing mathematical equations. We have this misconception that we are robots.

Well its kind of an obsession. There is no computer or piece of hardware that compares to the computing power of the human brain.

But you have to realize that straight lines are good and all, but that is not how our memories and thoughts work.

I am going to explain, right now, how the brain works. Bear with me:

You may have an understanding that when you experience something, like smelling a flower, you that information is laid down perfectly and in order like Beyonce’s edges.
Well, that’s not how that works
Think of an experience like a long ass mathematical equation. Everything you experience is reduced to information that the brain can read.

All of this is happening right now. Actively processing in the brain.
Every experience you have changes your memories. New experiences are turned into the brain’s version of data called neural signals.

New neural signals are combined and associated with existing data, aka formulas, aka massive pieces of mathematics.

It’s a continuous loop. Every new experience we have contributes to the brain’s continuous loop of data processing.

These loops include memories, fantasies, expectations, desires, hopes, intellectual thoughts, and emotions.

A common brain loop is Post traumatic stress disorder. You can see how people’s realities are affected by unresolved neural signals.

When scientists hook people up to machines that measure this brain activity, it all looks the same. It is all processed in the same parts of the brain.

From the moment of birth, you body senses all kinds of things from the environment. Like tasting a sweet berry for the first time, or smacking your steering wheel when traffic is slow.

Those sensations signals transferred through the skin or eyes through nerves and turned into neural signals.

These signals are added to existing brain data to fill in missing information from the present moment.

This is why a lot of people think that we are being manipulated through all kinds of forms of media. Somebody knows how humans work. This is why black boys are moved to end their own lives.

Create a thought form. That thought form has a weight. That energy is transferred. The receiver cannot resolve the fucked up thought form.

That though form becomes a loop…..
Bottom line is that we are all to blame for a death like this.

I say that because we all share this consciousness…But we all know this is just advanced forms of data processing. Looping equations in a sense.

Our brain is locked in silence and darkness at all times. We give it information and it is constantly trying to figure out what the fuck is going on.

That is basically the soul’s purpose from the moment of birth. Wtf?

What you don’t realize is that doctors have found that the areas of the brain that help us answer the question and survive, are the same areas that we activate during nightmares.
Again, there is no difference between how the brain reads througt forms. So, naturally people with sczophrenia have similar brain wave patterns.

Every version of reality you and I experience is real. But its an image you interpret from your brain.

In a way, its also can be considered an hallucination.

Every moment is your brain feeding you images most closely aligned with its answer to your problem.

What the fuck is going on? But all of this is happening in real-time.

Your brain is essentially deleting and enhancing those neural signals. Constructing a model of what you are experiencing in the outside world.

That’s the operative word, though. Model. A highly simplified version, a simulated version of what is truly going on in the world.

Your sense of self, is simplified. Your memories (positive and negative) are simplified.

Your perception, how you choose to view the world, is your reality. All season we have been talking about the iterative stages of soul development.

Today, I am going to share with you the iterative stages of consiousnes development.

Its less technical, as everyone will have a different interpretation. But here’s how I’ve experienced it.

  1. Cluelessness
  2. Something Happens
  3. Possibilities Arise (imagination activation)
  4. You Seek Answers
  5. You Find Answers (mythology typically)
  6. You Identify With Mythology because it reflects your development and values
  7. You Believe you are being subjected to synchronistic events (An external source is answering your prayers or picking on you)
  8. Mythology starts to break down
    a. Brain’s defense mechanism is pattern seeking
    i. You realize certain events never happen
  9. You become bored because you realize you are just seeing your own thoughts
  10. You realize no one is there
    a. You fear you will manifest your deepest fears
  11. You realize you like being scared
    a. You play a lot of money on horror films
  12. You start choosing more positive though patterns because any way you cut it, you are talking to your though forms on a neurological stage.

Your brain is constantly trying to understand and organize all the sensations we give it.

Tastes, emotions, memories, and visual images are physical things that live in the brain. Its natural we give these thought forms an identity. Our thought forms are a person, but that person is us.
You can create a new and unique mythology if you want.

Thoughts and emotions create thought forms. Those thought forms have a observable and measurable electric charge.

Because our bodies are made to conduct electricity, a magnectic effect is created. We receive and transmit signals through mangnetic fields.

That’s how it all works. And this process is constantly happening.

You are essentially moving though all of the possible futures that most aligned with the answer to your question that is mainly, What the fuck is going on?
You can’t change the universe.

You can’t change reality. You can change your position within this inifitite expanse of space, time, and bull shit.

Time represents the number of alternate possibilities you have moved through.
You can tell your brain to focus on things that will make you healthier and more successful.

Soon you will begin aligning with those possibilities.

You create the rules so remember to have fun!

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