Time Restricted Eating—Coffee too? (The Best Research)

Its like a Purge, but you literally do nothing, which is harder than it sounds.

Thanks to you for joining me this hour. A cold Coca-Cola, a hot 100% beef Big Mac from McDonalds, those crunchy-ass Kettle potato chips at the grocery store.

I am sure you have eaten one of those at least once. That is due to the way American food companies have changed the way your food is processed.

Basically, everything is processed to some degree. To taste better, of course.

That is probably why you also see a lot of pain and trauma in the news lately.

In addition, you swipe by several truly gut-wrenching word vomit subtweets wielding hatred like a Lannister sword on Game of Thrones.

You see several newly polished daggers of self-hate piercing the eyeballs of bitter men.

You can tell quite clearly that people have stressful home lives a lot of that stems from problems with underemployment, leading to problems with the food people eat.

You see limitations in the basic choices people have. There is awesome news, though.

You want to be a lightbulb in their dark, and cluttered, basement. You want to be a force for good, like the saint that enacted free doughnut day.

You stand with open arms for those in need of comfort like the man giving away free doughnuts at Walmart, yesterday.

In addition, you see a lot of talk about health, mental and physical. There is something magical when you take care of yourself.

There’s a spiritual aspect to health and wellness. You know that when your body is healthy, your soul can use your personality as a tool of expression.

Your only concern is to make sure that no one is left behind. Children, men, women, all of them. But everyone does not want help.

You can see what I see: an epidemic of loneliness, dissatisfaction, and complacency.

An unwillingness to get up and go to work. A line of conscious and supreme beings waiting for the next man to do something about our world.

The soul of men, women, and animals built this world, though. They made ways with their dirty hands and tired feet.

Getting a balanced dinner and a good night’s rest under the twinkle of the moon peeking through dark windows at night.

Waking up every day. Taking care of the business. Building roads and worlds with words. Eating meals around large wooden tables again, and again.

You no longer see people getting up and going to work. You do not see people pursuing their dreams. Creating a future. Solidifying a legacy.

Instead, you are witnessing a mob of people directing their anger at each other through digital media. This rise of digital media has also coincided with the rise of ultra-processed foods.

Now you are here. Reckoning with the fact that your behavior is now linked to all kinds of obesity related diseases.

You don’t have anything wrong with you, yet. You have pretty good health insurance, and to find out if you have a disease that is related to the food you eat, you must go to the doctor.

Naturally, there are times when you are told you to skip a meal before your doctor’s appointment. Time restricted eating is often ordered by the doctor because your bloodwork will be more accurate. Asdf—as

Especially, when measuring how much sugar or fat is present in the blood. Right after you eat, that level of how many french fries and milkshakes you just shoved into your mouth was not burned by your metabolism, yet.

Other substances, like toxins and protein, are not regulated as quickly. Some proteins live inside cells for up to three months. Some toxins never go away and cause cancer.


You know your body the best

  • You struggle with only eating when you are hungry. Mostly any doctor will tell you to try to limit the amount of food you eat during the day. Normally, that is around three meals a day.

  • When you are working out, that number of meals normally increases.

  • You must fight one of the biggest problems out there: The more you try new ways of eating, the more you dislike the way you look.

  • Well, science may be able to give you some new hope. I have two studies and several YouTube videos that point to one thing: “giving up can help.”

Time Restricted Eating Is Balanced Eating

  • What is Time Restricted Eating?
    Much like when the doctor tells you to fast 8 hours before your appointment, Time Restricted Eating is a process of limiting your food intake in order to clear out the debris from your previous meals.

**Research began only 20 years ago

  • We know that the time restricted eating kick starts this biological process of autophagy.

  • Research has observed in both plants and animals, that when certain chemicals are restricted, like glucose and lipids, in mammals, human cells become more efficient and reduce their volume.

In the Annual Review of Nutrition, researchers have written about this topic at length. For a link to the article, please visit my blog dvaughn.org, spelled d-v-a-u-g-h-n.org

These researchers say that we previously believed that the carbs we eat are broken down when we don’t eat food for long periods of time.

Once those stores are gone, we must refuel or we begin a very uncomfortable process of starvation. Researchers have learned a lot about the human metabolism from studying what cells do when they don’t have enough food.

They found, “A dynamic rearrangement of cellular membranes…” That means that once the food we eat is used as energy, our cells start rearranging and recycling the material that is already inside of the cells.

By doing this, all viruses, bacteria, fats, and sugars are broken down recycled into more efficient proteins. These researchers literally call it cellular remodeling and its due to what researchers call, “shifting carbon sources.”

By shifting the gasoline like substances in the cells, sugar and fat are moved and used in the brain—the only place autophagy was not observed. The brain needs all that glucose and fat.

In 2015, scientists at the University of Louisville concluded in a study about people in critical care units benefited from treatments that reduced swelling and improved healing after major surgery.

Autophagy caused by time restricted eating was one of those treatments that doctors really believe will help patients heal faster. Kind of like on Grey’s Anatomy when a brain tumor patient insists that they stand up and walk hours after opening their eyes after surgery.

Well, it is kind of like that very risky and kind of stupid. Clinical studies have found three main types of autophagy:

  1. Macro Autophagy—the most common form and is when your cellular waste is disposed in bulk.
  2. Chaperone Mediated Autophagy—This process happens less frequently and is associated with the recycling of certain proteins.
  3. Micro Autophagy—Happens closer to the recycling site so it requires less energy from the cell.

These biological processes are nuanced and regulated in some magic way by the body. We don’t really have to think about activating or deactivating certain processes. Thank god!

That is because there are ways the immune system turns-off these processes—to ensure our survival. It is not your job to pick and choose how your body will work.

Just live and let live, honey.

You know your body the best, so when you are looking into diets like—Time Restricted Fasting, understand that it is not something that is extreme. Yes, you can have black coffee. Yes, you can ease into it.

Time Restricted Eating should be used as a tool to achieve balance inside your body. Not to lose weight or gain muscle.

When scientists observed patients—who were given glucose during their time recovering in the intensive care unit—they did not die any faster (or slower) than those who did not eat anything during that same time.

Basically, what they found is that the body has a fun way of contradicting itself. That’s why people can only practice medicine. We don’t know enough information about our biology to start regulating the nuances of metabolism under extreme circumstances.

** Time Restricted Eating Is the Same as Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet
The same rules apply about getting doctor approval for any diet. I work as a research assistant and I take vitals and record data all day long. It doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes, changes like this can be detrimental to your health.

I feel like you should be informed, so you can make the best decisions for yourself. This is a highly nuanced subject, so listen to your body.

In a YouTube video I linked on my blog, Nobel Prize winner Yoshinori Ohsumi leads in this field of research. He is making his rounds since 2014 when he won the prize for detailing autophagy in various life forms.

He concludes in several of his presentations that though he has uncovered a lot about the foundation of our society, not enough information has been gathered, but clinical trials are promising. We only have about a 30% understanding of this process, so you should be careful with how much you follow fad diets.

Don’t follow diet gurus who tell you not eat completely. You can ease into Time Restricted Eating. And just like any other diet, you can cheat.

You can have Water and Black Coffee during Time Restricted Eating

Your body is strong and healthy, even if you are sick. Your body is always striving for balance. If you decide to undergo Time Restricted Eating, keep in mind that:

  • Autophagy is dependent upon the amount of waste in your body.

When you restrict your food intake, the energy that you would be using to break down food is used in other parts of the body.

  • Taking the attention from your gut is key

When you are considering what foods and beverages you can/cannot have, make sure that you are maximizing the amount of time your gut needs to break down food. For instance, it takes much longer for your body to break down meat.

Cutting down on meat in your diet will allow your body to work faster, requiring less time for fasting.

  • You allow your body to use energy to clean other areas, your gut is self-cleaning (via bacteria it creates amino acids, your bacteria make you feel hungry when you don’t allow it to make amino acids) on top of autophagy.

Another posted on my blog with Rhonda Patrick a nutrition expert, describes why water and black coffee are permittable when decreasing food intake.

  • Primarily comfort is huge when making lifestyle changes, so you don’t want to go over board by starving and dehydrating yourself.

  • Research shows that your body goes into autophagy when sugar and fat is restricted, not caffeine. Your nervous system uses the caffeine. Keep in mind, autophagy is observed everywhere but the brain.


So as long you drink it black, you can use coffee and water to help guide your appetite along when you have chosen to restrict the time of day you eat food. Normally, this is anywhere between a 4 to 16-hour window.

The length of time depends on your health, experience, and willingness to skip food for the day. Scientists all over the world have shown strong evidence that cells have the ability to heal themselves.

Through a process called autophagy, only junk is recycled and removed from the blood through a series of magical systems given to us by Mother Nature.

We are fortunate to be able to maximize our metabolism by choosing to increase or decrease our diet. By doing so, we give our body the ability to heal itself by ensuring that all organs and cells are cleared of debris.

During Time Restricted Eating, Coffee, black, no cream and no sugar, is allowed. Send your questions to host@centersun21.com

Thank you for listening!

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