Whypipo Believe Reparations Are Necessary (finally!)

Activate your Greatness!

New York Times reports, "Slavery doesn’t merely cause pain and suffering to the slave. It is a corruption that infects the whole society. It is a collective debt that will have to be paid."

This debt must be paid.  Slavery is not over.  The prison industrial complex is designed to keep black people (disproportionately LGBTQ) locked up in some form or fashion.  It's not ok.  

The author of the article states, "Slavery and the continuing pattern of discrimination aren’t only an attempt to steal labor; they are an attempt to cover over a person’s soul, a whole people’s soul."

This is not ok.  And it must stop and be repaired IMMEDIATELY.  Japanese and Jewish people got reparation.............

Read the full opinion piece here.  I am shocked a white man is beginning to see their own fucked up history.  But it cannot happen until we convince some allies.

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